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Traditional Cat Litter Boxes

If you’re a first-time cat owner, your head may be spinning as you peruse all the different types of cat litter boxes available today. There are traditional cat litter boxes, self-cleaning litter boxes, domed litter boxes, uncovered litter boxes, and so many others. Zen Pet Supplies carries all types of litter boxes, and we find that many cat lovers prefer the traditional cat litter boxes in which you pour cat litter in them, can add a cover if you so choose, and then let your cat do her thing. If you want to add a dome to a traditional cat litter box, you can do so. You can even find traditional cat litter boxes with high rims to help avoid spills. There are cat litter box liners, cat litter box mats and many different types of cat litter to choose from at Zen Pet Supplies. If you’re a fan of traditional cat litter boxes, be sure to browse our large inventory of litter boxes in all shapes, sizes and colors.
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Litter Gitter Kitty Litter Box Litter Gitter - Cat Litter Box
List Price: $19.31
Retail Price: $18.19
Sales Price: $13.99
Savings: $5.32
Litter One Cat Litter Kit
Retail Price: $26.40
Sales Price: $23.10
Savings: $3.30
One of the best things about the traditional cat litter boxes on sale now at Zen Pet Supplies is that due to their simplicity, they are priced very low. You can find a great litter box that’s large enough for any cat for around $10-$12. That’s quite a deal, and our traditional litter boxes, though not fancy, sure do get the job done. Your cat will feel comfortable eliminating waste once you have set up the proper cat litter box environment. Cats must feel safe and secure in order to comfortably relieve themselves, so it’s our job as pet owners to ensure we choose the proper products for their litter box location.

Sometimes choosing the right combination of litter box, litter box mat, litter box filter, litter box liner and kitty litter is a trial and error process. Cats are independent, and they like things done their way. When you shop online at Zen Pet Supplies, you’ll have no shortage of choices when it comes to products for your feline companions. Whether you’re looking for a smaller-sized cat litter box or a jumbo traditional cat litter box, you’ll find those and more right here on our website. When ordering a traditional litter box on our website, be sure to choose the color you like the best because many of our selections come in a variety of colors. If you are looking for a very particular cat litter box and don’t see it on the Zen Pet Supplies website, please check back soon because we update our pet product inventory on a regular basis, and what you’re looking for may arrive on our website any day now!