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Reptile Habitat Plants

A clean, interesting, safe habitat makes for a happy pet, regardless of whether it has legs, wings or scales. Whether you own a dog, cat, ferret, bird, amphibian or reptile, it’s your job as your pet’s caretaker to ensure its living environment is safe and interesting. A pet that does not have a stimulating environment may languish and will not thrive and live a long healthy life. In addition to cleaning your pet’s habitat on a regular basis, it’s your job as their primary caretaker to provide a habitat that most closely resembles their habitat in the wild. Keep in mind that reptiles and amphibians are taken from the wild by humans, so it’s absolutely imperative to create a habitat that’s as close to their natural one as possible. Zen Pet Supplies carries a number of terrarium accessories like plants that are perfect for reptile habitats. You can get everything you need right here at our online store.
We carry a number of plants that are safe for reptile habitats. There are a number of plants that are toxic to reptiles, so please do your homework before adding just any old plant to your pet’s terrarium. We encourage you to do your shopping here because the reptile plants in our inventory are safe and will not harm any living thing in your pet’s terrarium. The plants we carry will look great in the terrarium, and they are priced affordably. You can choose as many as you like and you can even start out with just one or two plants and then add to the tank over time.

Your pet will enjoy the new additions to his habitat. Keep in mind that reptiles have a natural instinct to crawl around, explore and hide in their surroundings, and by providing plants in their habitat, you are allowing them to exercise their natural instincts to climb around and within these gorgeous plants. Here are a just a few of the reptile habitat plants in our current inventory: Bushy Australian Maple, Bush Cashuarina, Bushy Amazon Phyllo, Bushy Borneo Star, Bushy Congo Ivy, Busy Malaysian Fern, Bushy Mexican Phyllo, Bushy Madagas Bamboo, Bushy Bolivia Croton, and Flora Button Ferns. With such a huge selection, we’re hoping you’ll find a few different types of plants for your pet’s habitat. Virtually all of the plants in our current stock are under $15, and you’ll find many that are under $5. Plants make a wonderfully inexpensive addition to any pet reptile’s habitat; just be sure you get the right kind of plants recommended for your particular species of pet.