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Fish Tank Pump Power Heads

Have you checked out the Zen Pet Supplies online store and are amazed by the number of fish tank supplies, products and equipment available? We understand that there are a lot of moving parts for larger aquariums, but we also want you to know that you can start out small if you’re just beginning with this exciting hobby. You can start out with a smaller aquarium and work your way up to a big one in no time at all, or, if you prefer, you can take your time and grow your aquatic habitat over the course of many years. Regardless of how quickly you upgrade your aquatic system, we have the parts necessary to do so. One piece of equipment you’ll need for larger tanks is a fish tank pump power head. Because the movement of water is so very important to your fish, you need equipment that ensures your fish will get the oxygenation they need.

Fish and other aquatic life forms require oxygen to live just like we do and just about every single other living thing does, and the way fish get oxygen into their little bodies is through water movement. When water moves, oxygen is created in a process called oxygenation, and there are certain pieces of equipment you need to create water movement including air pumps, circulation pumps and pump power heads. We carry a number of multifunctional fish tank pump power heads that are designed to circulate water through under-gravel filters and protein skimmers but what do power heads do exactly? Great question! Pump power heads draw in water at one end and force it out the other end, which creates a current in the tank. Some of the power heads in our inventory can make waves and some can draw air in to act as aeration.

While it's not necessary for some habitats to have flowing currents, fish tank aerators and aquarium pumps can help oxygenate your pet’s water, so it’s important to consider fish tank pumps and power heads when setting up and/or growing a large, freshwater aquatic habitat. You can start out small in the $20-30 range and work your way up into more expensive power heads as you gain experience and your fish tank grows. The best way to know when you need a pump power head is to do research online and ask experienced aquarists what they think. Be sure you explain what type of aquarium and fish you have and what your goals are. The most important aspect of caring for fish is providing them the oxygen they need to live, and you do that by creating water movement. Zen Pet Supplies’ online store has a number of pieces of equipment like fish tank pump power heads to help you create the water movement and oxygenation your fish need to flourish.