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Lighting for Fish Aquariums

Let there be light! That’s what your fish are telling you as you prepare their new habitat in your home. If you’re in the midst of setting up a fish tank for new pet fish, then Congratulations! You are in for a real treat as fish make great pets that will provide hours upon hours of enjoyment and intrigue. Setting up a fish aquarium can be a very expensive endeavor or it can be an inexpensive process that only takes a short amount of time. If you choose to invest in a number of fish tank accessories, then you’ll spend more money of course, but setting up a basic, safe, happy fish tank is not costly. Fish tank lighting is something you’ll have to add to your “To Get” list before you start your pet fish shopping spree. Just about everything you need to set up an aquatic habitat, including fish tank lighting, will be found right here on the Zen Pet Supplies’ online store.

  • Compact and Halide

    Compact and halide lighting is ideal for marine reef, and saltwater aquariums. Designed to enhance and complement aquariums.
  • Dimmers

    Add to the ambiance of any aquarium and set the mood with a lighting dimmer from Zen Pet Supplies.
  • Florescent Bulbs

    Zen Pet Supplies offers high-intensity output florescent bulbs that enhance the natural beauty of freshwater fish and plants.
  • Halide Bulbs

    Halide bulbs are ideal for deep water fish and invertebrates, the daylight lamp simulates light required for plants and reef environments.
  • Hoods

    Zen Pet Supplies' incandescent hoods can be used on most brands of aquariums. They fit on the lip of the aquarium frame for a nice, finished look.
  • Incandescent Bulbs

    Incandescent bulbs are ideal for Desktop Aquariums and allow you to highlight and enhance the appearance of tropical fish and live plants.
  • LED

    LED lighting from Zen Pet Supplies adds a whole new decorative dimension to any aquarium. It's also a great night light for nocturnal viewing.
  • Lighting Kits

    Complete lighting kits from Zen Pet Supplies, allow you to customize and assemble your own illumination for most aquariums.
  • Lighting Timers

    Provide light therapy for your fish... Simulate a gradual sunrise and sunset every day. Wake your fish naturally, with a lighting timer inspired by mother nature.
  • Mounts

    Zen Pet Supplies offers several different lighting mounts to give you the perfect mounting option for your aquarium.
  • Multi Phosphor Flo Bulbs

    Multi phosphor flo bulbs provide high intensity full spectrum illumination, essential for photosynthetic corals and invertebrates.
  • Parts

    Zen Pet Supplies provides a wide variety of lighting parts for all your fish aquarium needs. Ensure your fishy friends have the highest the quality products.
  • Power Compact Bulbs

    Power compact bulbs from Zen Pet Supplies, provide photo-biological light for aquatic life and enhances the appearance of the aquarium.
  • Strips

    Enhance the ambiance and add a vibrant decorative dimension to any aquarium. Choose from a large selection of lighting strips from Zen Pet Supplies.
If you’re a beginner fish owner, you may be thinking to yourself, “What’s so hard about putting a bulb in a fish tank?” Well, providing the proper fish tank lighting is much more involved than choosing just any old bulb. Here are just some of the different pieces of equipment involved in fish tank lighting available today: Dimmers, fluorescent bulbs, halide bulbs, incandescent bulbs, hoods for lights, lighting kits, LED lights, lighting timers, mounts, parts, strips, multi-phosphor flo bulbs, and power compact bulbs. Regardless of the types of aquariums you have and regardless of your experience level, we have you covered for everything you’ll need for fight tank lighting.

Fish tank lighting does much more than allow you to see your beautiful fish in their habitat. Proper aquarium lighting provides vital energy to photosynthetic plants and habitat dwellers. As the primary light source, fish tank lighting is necessary for any aquarium that has plant life, anemones, or corals. Lighting also affects how your fish behave and is vital to the overall health and well being of all the living things in your aquarium. Fluorescent lights are the easiest way to light up an aquarium. Fluorescent light fixtures are a great choice for fresh and saltwater fish-only tanks. There are a number of bulbs available these days for easy-to-use, affordable, and energy-efficient lighting, and you can test different bulbs to see which type of lighting is best for your particular aquarium and fish. If you’re looking for a particular type of fish tank lighting equipment and cannot find it here on the Zen Pet Supplies website, please check back again soon because we update our inventory on a regular basis.