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Fish Aquarium Parts

One of the most exciting things about getting a new pet is preparing for their arrival at your home. Whether your new pet has legs, wings, or gills, you need to do everything you can to ensure he has a safe, comfortable and attractive habitat that is warm and welcoming. When setting up a fish aquarium, you will find yourself spending a good deal of time browsing fish tank necessities and accessories you just can’t resist. The number of fish aquarium accessories on the market today is mind blowing, and the good news is that you can do a great deal (if not all) of your fish aquarium parts shopping right here online without ever leaving your home. Zen Pet Supplies’ online store has pages and pages of aquarium parts for all tank shapes and sizes. We have parts for beginners, and we have aquarium parts for experienced fish owners. Zen carries everything from lighting and substrate to filters and tubing. Whatever you need to set up your aquarium, you’ll probably find it right here—you just have to browse until you find everything you’re looking for to make your fish’s habitat a healthy and beautiful one!

  • Aquarium Backstrips

    Grooved backstrips from Zen Pet Supplies can easily be cut to the perfect fit for any glass aquarium canopy. Simply repair your aquarium yourself.
  • Bio Wheels & Parts

    Ensure your aquarium's filtration system is working like new and replace the bio wheel regularly. Keep your fishy friend's ecosystem healthy.
  • Bulkheads

    Easily fix any aquarium filter, with a replacement bulkhead from Zen Pet supplies. Save time and money by repairing it yourself.
  • Canister Filter Parts

    Repair your aquarium's canister filter yourself. Choose from a large selection of canister filter parts today and save.
  • Extension Tubes

    Replace or add an extension tube to your aquarium's filter yourself. No need to call a professional, Zen Pet Supplies has all the parts you need.
  • Faucet Adaptors

    Without regular water changes, invisible toxins can build-up in your aquarium. Easily keep your fish tank clean.
  • Float Switches

    Float Switches operate in both high and low water applications and are excellent for water top offs or to prevent pump damage from sumps running dry.
  • Heater Holders

    Affix your aquariums heater in place with a suction cup / heater holder and ensure you are evenly warming your fish's aquarium.
  • Hinges

    Effortlessly replace your fishy friend's aquarium glass top canopy hinge. Repair it yourself and save money.
  • Hoods

    If your aquarium's hood breaks, no need to worry. Zen Pet Supplies has a wide variety of replacement hoods to choose from.
  • Hoses

    Flex hoses from Zen Pet Supplies, are excellent to use as a drain hose in sumps. Make sure your aquarium hoses are in tip top shape.
  • Impellers

    Save time and money with no need to call a professional. Choose from a variety of replacement impellers from Zen Pet Supplies.
  • Intake Strainers

    Effortlessly replace your aquarium's intake strainer to ensure large particles aren't clogging the filter.
  • Intake Tubes

    Zen Pet Supplies offers replacement intake tubes to ensure your aquarium filter is always working properly.
  • Lighting

    Replacement aquarium lighting parts from Zen Pet Supplies, allows you to repair your fish's lighting system yourself.
  • Motor Eclipse Units

    Easily replace your aquarium pump, with a motor eclipse unit from Zen Pet Supplies. Now you can do aquarium maintenance yourself.
  • Nylon Screw Sets

    Effortlessly repair your aquarium's overflow box, with a nylon screw set from Zen Pet Supplies.
  • Phosban Reactor Parts

    Replacement Phosban Reactor parts help prevent deterioration and ensures aquarium health.
  • Plumbing Connectors

    Zen Pet Supplies offers a variety of plumbing connectors, allowing you to conveniently maintain your aquarium.
  • PVC Plumbing

    Choose from a large selection of PVC plumbing equipment to make sure your aquarium is continuously functioning properly.
  • Return Jets

    Return jets allow you to adjust the direction of the water flow into the aquarium, making it Easy to circulate and oxygenate the water.
  • Sink Valve / Valves

    Control the flow of water between the sink and the tank, or between aquarium hoses. Water regulation has never been easier.
  • Sponge Insert

    Prevent dust and dirt from entering your aquarium's water with a sponge insert for the reverse flo power head and keep your fish's habitat clean.
  • Suction Cups

    Ensure the airline tubing, heater and thermometer are secured where you want them, with replacement suction cups for your aquarium.
  • Tubing

    Replacing your aquarium's tubing regularly, helps maintain a happy, healthy, fishy ecosystem.
  • Water Pumps

    Be your own fish aquarium maintenance person and choose from a variety of replacement aquarium water pump accessories.
  • Air Valves

    Easily control and adjust the air flow accurately in your aquarium, choose from a large selection of air valves from Zen Pet Supplies.
Here are just a few of the aquarium parts in our current inventory: aquarium back strips; bio wheels & parts; filter parts; bulkheads; extension tubes; faucet adaptors; heater holders; float switches; hinges; hoods; impellers; intake tubes; hoses; intake strainers; motor eclipse units; phosban reactors; PVC plumbing; nylon screw sets; plumbing connectors; return jets; sponge inserts; tubing; suction cups; air valves; and water pumps. Whether you’re looking to set up a simple, first-timer’s tank or an elaborate aquarium to house a variety of fresh- or saltwater fish, you’ll find the supplies and equipment you need right here in one place.

Our best advice is to do your homework before shopping for aquarium parts because you don’t want to buy things you don’t need or fail to buy things you will need. All types of tanks require different equipment; there’s really no “one tank fits all” theory by which you can operate. You have to make a list of what equipment and products you’ll need based on the types of fish you will house, the size of your aquarium, the temperature and salinity level of your water, and the like. You can choose to invest a little bit of money into your tank or a lot of money. More experienced fish owners know that setting up and maintaining a stunning fish aquarium is a time-consuming and extremely rewarding experience that must be prepared for. While simpler tanks may just need the basics like some filters, hoses, lighting, a hood and a few other pieces of equipment, a more advanced aquarium will require more advanced equipment. Be sure to check out all of the aquarium parts available in our current inventory and please let us know if you can’t find something you need.