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Dog Toys

Playtime is your dog's favorite time, so be sure to stock up on dog toys from Zen Pet Supplies to provide hours of entertainment for your furry friends. You need not spend a great deal of money to ensure your pets have a good time while hanging out at home. Zen Pet Supplies has affordable, high quality dog toys your pet will love.

Dogs are very much like children in that they need something to focus their attention on and keep them entertained. Dog toys from Zen Pet Supplies will keep your pooch happy, active and healthy. They are an excellent way to distract dogs from bad behaviors like excessive chewing, nipping, jumping and lunging.

  • Chew

    Save your furniture and shoes!  Give your dog toys and keep their minds engaged.  Browse and save on a large selection of dog chew toys.
  • Fleece and Plush

    Your dog will enjoy hours of entertainment with our dog fleece and plush dog toys.  Shop now and save.
  • KONG

    Need a toy that will last.  No other toy is as durable as KONG.  Shop now and save on durable KONG dog toys.
  • Rope

    Strong, durable and perfect for the interactive dog.  Shop now and save on rope toys for dogs.
  • Rubber

    Shop and save on durable rubber dog toys. Doesn't matter if you have a puppy or a senior, our toys are sure last while your pup ages.
  • Storage Bins

    Our dog toys storage bins can be used to hold any of your dog's (or cat's) items, including toys and food. It's easy to clean and durable.
  • Toss and Retrieve

    Nothing will create the bond with you and your pup better than playing games.  Shop and save on our toss and retrieve dog games.

When dogs get bored, they tend to exhibit negative behaviors (much like children). Keeping a variety of dog toys around the house will give your pet plenty of opportunities to have fun, get exercise and learn social behavior by interacting with his human playmates.

There are actually toys on the market specially designed to improve a dog's eye-paw coordination and hone his senses. Some dog toys are interactive and stimulate your dog's alertness. Not only are dog toys from Zen Pet Supplies fun for your pooch but they can help improve your dog's physical and emotional health and well being.