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Dog Nail Clippers

Just like humans, dogs like to be well groomed. In addition to regular baths and frequent brushing of the coat, you must take care of your dog’s nails (if you choose to not go to a dog groomer). If you have chosen to take care of your dog’s grooming at home, we applaud you! Just think about all that money you will save, and how fun will it be to spend some quality time with your pooch making him handsome?! Taking care of a dog’s nails is just as important as bathing him and brushing him. In fact, neglecting a dog’s nails can be much more serious because when a dog’s nails are too long, they’re painful to walk on, and when a dog’s nails are too long, people can get scratched (unintentionally, of course), and those injuries can hurt. Be sure to check out the dog nail clippers at Zen Pet Supplies today.
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Miracle Corp QuickFinder Clipper-for Medium Dogs
Retail Price: $38.40
Sales Price: $33.60
Savings: $4.80
Miracle Corp QuickFinder Clipper-for Small Dogs
Retail Price: $38.40
Sales Price: $33.60
Savings: $4.80
QuickFinder nail Clipper Deluxe Professional Grooming Clippers
List Price: $72.80
Retail Price: $68.58
Sales Price: $52.75
Savings: $20.05
Before cutting a dog’s nails, you must be shown how to do so by a professional or by someone who has a great deal of experience cutting dogs’ nails. If you cut a dog’s nails wrong, you can hurt him, and nail injuries are very painful. To avoid any accidental injuries, be sure to learn how to cut a dog’s nails properly before ever trying this task at home. Also, be sure you have purchased high-quality dog nail clippers from Zen Pet Supplies. When you use great products, you will often get great results. After all, you only want the best for your canine companion.

Zen Pet Supplies has a number of dog nail clippers in our current inventory. We even have accessories like dog nail files and replacement bands that come in a pack of six. Another nail accessory we currently carry is a nail grinder that allows for fast, safe trimming of your dog’s nails. We carry a number of classic guillotine style dog nail clippers (the type you will see dog groomer’s using, typically), and we even carry mini-sized clippers for extra small breeds. Be sure to check out the large selection of dog nail clippers available now at Zen Pet Supplies.