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Beautifully Designed Dog Crates

Safe, Secure, Durable and Comfortable

Keep your dog safe and secure for those occasions when company comes over and you need to keep him or her contained. Perhaps you’re leaving the house for a few hours and your canine friend likes to get into some mischief in your absence. What you probably need is a dog crate.

Shop a large selection of dog crates that are comfortable, attractive and secure. They are sure to provide you with the peace of mind you need when crating your dog. Whether you use a crate to train your dog or to house him when you're away from home, our crates have numerous features that ensure your pooch is comfortable and secure while he's in his crate.
Dog crates designed with comfort, style and security in mind. We are dedicated to keeping you pup safe and zen.

  • Accessories

    Save on dog crate accessories at Zen Pet Supplies.  Browse food / water bowls, replacement pans, mobility products and more.
  • Crate Beds

    Keep your dog safe, secure and comfortable with dog crate beds from Zen Pet Supplies.  Choose from a wide selection of sizes, colors and materials.
  • Crate Covers

    Crate covers are made from high quality, stylish fabrics, to keep your dog safe.  Provide your pup a sense of security while resting.
  • Dog Training Crates

    Our dog training crates are designed completely around the safety, security and comfort of your dog. Shop now for BIG savings.
  • Puppy Playpens

    Our puppy play pens are sure to keep your furry family member safe and secure.  Shop now and save.
  • Soft-Cloth

    Take your pup on vacation or while enjoying the great outdoors.  Our soft dog crates can be taken down or put up in seconds. Shop now and save.
  • Wicker

    Don’t compromise style and durability when shopping for a
    dog crate.  Wicker crates are easy to
    clean and stylish.

  • Wire

    Our wire crates are heavy duty and easy to transport. Provide a safe & secure area for your pup to lay their head.  Helps prevent barking and chewing.

  • Wood / Designer

    Our wooden dog creates will surely blend in with the décor of your home. Made of all wood, these crates are sturdy and stylish.

Today’s dog crate is designed like an interior dog house that is not only comfortable for your pet, but stylish enough to fit as a piece of furniture in your own home. Zen Pet Supplies has a vast selection of beautifully designed dog crates and accessories that are designed with comfort, style and security in mind. Shop from our selection of dog training crates, heavy-duty wire dog crates for transport, soft-cloth doggy crates, doggy crate covers, puppy play pens, and the top quality of all dog crates—the designer wooden dog crates. Your dog’s crate not only will look good, but it’ll also feel good with Zen Pet’s supply of plush dog crate beds that come in a variety of styles and colors that will match you interior décor as well as the dog’s coat! You’ll have the selection of Dreamzone Fleece Beds, dog bed crates with odor control, or memory foam. Zen Pet also provides a nice selection of doggy crate accessories. You can shop for a dolly to pull your dog’s crate or purchase a Midwest Universal Crate Caster for ease of mobility. Prevent induction by keeping your pet off the floor with a Dreamcrate Pro 700 Mesh Floor, or keep the peace with a Midwest Divider Panel for larger dog crates. Whatever your need is for a dog crate, it’s all here! Your lovable hound will enjoy every second of his dog crate!

Many of our crates are made of durable rubberwood, which is a hardwood often compared to teak, and because the wood is a neutral color, it matches the d̩cor of many homes. Many of the crates even have a stained and lacquered finish, so they look just like furniture. Our dog crates are fastened shut with a stainless steel latch, so your dog cannot get out, and many have a 360-view making for a more comfortable experience for your dog.

One of the best features is that the floors are easy to clean and waterproof, so liquids are not absorbed and odors don't develop. With excellent ventilation and easy-to-assemble instructions, you'll be thrilled with a new dog crate from Zen Pet Supplies.