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Cat Litter

One of the most exciting parts of pet ownership is shopping around for all of the supplies you’ll need to take care of your newest addition to the family whether it be a dog, cat, bird, ferret, rabbit, mouse, snake, sugar glider, hedgehog or hamster. While some animals are much more independent than others (cats vs. dogs), for instance, all animals require very specific supplies, equipment, and products to ensure they live a long, healthy, happy life in an environment that allows them to thrive. It’s your job as the pet’s caretaker to ensure he has everything necessary to live in comfort and bliss. Cat owners must provide their cats a safe, clean, secure place to eliminate waste, and a cat litter box and litter must be purchased on or before the very first day you bring a cat into your home. Zen Pet Supplies has everything you need to make your cat’s arrival into your home a smooth and enjoyable one.
We have a number of different cat litters to choose from at Zen Pet Supplies. Do you know why cats use litter instead of relieving themselves outdoors like dogs and other animals? Well, here’s your feline fun fact for the day from Zen Pet Supplies courtesy of the litterboxguru.com: Cats evolved in the desert using sand and soil for eliminating waste. Because of this, most cats prefer litter that has a smell, texture and consistency to sand and soil (the reason some of our feline buddies enjoy using your potted plants for waste elimination). Litter substrate research has shown that 90% of cats prefer a soft unscented clumping litter, which you can find at Zen Pet Supplies today.

Choosing the right kitty litter for your feline friend(s) may be a trial and error process. You may have to buy one, two, three or more bags of litter to please your finicky feline friend. If you’re a first-time cat owner, do some research online to see what most cats prefer (especially if your cat is of a specific breed). Ask your vet what he/she recommends, and ask cat lovers you know what their opinions are regarding which type of cat litter to use. Zen Pet Supplies has you covered with scented and unscented cat litter, odor control clumping litter, crystal litter and scooping litter. With so many different types of litter available at Zen, we hope you can find one that works for all of your cats. If you’re looking for a particular brand and can’t find it, please contact us or check back soon as we update our inventory on a regular basis.