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Cat Litter Box Bags

One of the most important aspects of being a cat's companion is eliminating waste left by your cat in a litter box. Many people use cat scoops to pick up waste and replace old cat litter with new. But with advancements in pet supplies, you now have a new option to dispose of your cat's waste that's fast, efficient, safe and neat. With biodegradable cat litter bags from Zen Pet Supplies, cleaning up after your pussycat is easier than ever before, and one of the best parts about these decomposing cat litter bags is, they won't sit in our country's landfills for decades.
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Arm and Hammer Easy-Tie Waste Bags 75 count
Retail Price: $9.09
Sales Price: $6.99
Savings: $2.10
Just like your feline's waste, biodegradable cat litter bags from Zen Pet Supplies break down and don't do any harm to the environment. Our goal is to help divert all biodegradable waste (food waste, paper waste, yard waste and pet waste) from ever entering our landfills, and with cat litter bags that are environmentally safe, you are definitely doing your part to help the environment by not adding more plastic bags that won't break down to our country's landfills. You will even find biodegradable bags for cats and dogs at local animal parks, encouraging pet owners to do their part to help their environment even when they're away from home.