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Cat Flea and Tick Topical

If your cat has fleas or has suffered a tick bite, you need to treat these problems as soon as possible before they get out of control, and your veterinarian needs to step in and treat your beloved feline companion. There are many products on sale now at Zen Pet Supplies to keep the ticks and fleas away. No one wants their furry companion to suffer, and you can help to ensure the fleas and ticks stay away by getting a cat flea and tick topical medication from Zen Pet Supplies today. We have a few different flea and tick topical medications to choose from, and if you don’t see a particular brand you’re looking for, please contact us or check back to our website on a regular basis because we update our inventory quite often. Frontline is a very well known name in the flea and tick control industry, but in addition to Frontline, you’ll find other brands of feline flea and tick topicals for sale at Zen Pet Supplies.
If you want to look at products other than Frontline for cat flea and tick control and prevention, please check out Sentry FiproGuard for cats, the first retail equivalent to Frontline Top Spot for Cats. This product can be squeezed out onto cats and provides three types of protection: It kills fleas, ticks, and chewing lice. Deer ticks transmit Lyme Disease, so this type of tick is especially dangerous. Sentry FiproGuard for cats also kills brown dog ticks, American dog ticks and lone star ticks. The great thing about this medication is that it can be used on felines that are pregnant, lactating or used for breeding. That just goes to show how incredibly safe this tick topical solution really is.

Frontline Plus is a hugely popular brand of feline flea and tick topical, and it’s on sale now at Zen Pet Supplies. This highly trusted medication provides your cat with the most complete flea and tick protection available on the market today. In addition to killing 98-100% of adult fleas on your cat in just one day, Frontline Plus contains a special ingredient that kills flea eggs and larvae. That’s one quality you just don’t find in all cat flea and tick topicals, and it’s an important one because flea eggs break and grow up to be adult fleas jumping on and off your pets and your furniture and your bedding and your clothing. If that sounds repulsive to you, please browse the cat flea and tick topicals, spray and shampoos in the Zen Pet Supplies inventory.