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Cleaning your cat's litter box has never been easier with an automatic litter box from Zen Pet Supplies. Long gone are the days of hunching over and scooping out waste and excess litter from your kitty's box. Automatic, no-touch, scoop-free litter boxes rake solid waste away and have a disposable tray filled with blue crystals that absorb odor and wetness. With automatic litter boxes from Zen Pet Supplies, there's no need to ever touch, empty, clean or fill your cat's litter box for up to thirty days.

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Our Pets Deluxe SmartScoop Self-Scooping Litter Box
Retail Price: $163.50
Sales Price: $143.06
Savings: $20.44

Here's a fun fact about automatic litter boxes. Did you know that they were designed by cat-loving MIT graduates who were looking for an easier, cleaner way to clean up after their pets? Leave it to a genius to come up with the idea of a touch-free way to clean up after your cat! Zen Pet Supplies has an extensive selection of litter boxes, cat furniture and other essentials you need for your feline friends.

We make shopping easy. Simply check out the Zen Pet Supplies website, choose your items, enter your billing information and in a few days, you'll have an automatic litter box (and any other goodies you ordered) on your doorstep!