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Wood Bird Toys

By nature, birds are highly intelligent, energetic, and inquisitive, and they like to be challenged, both intellectually and physically. Because birds spend just about every minute of the day on their feet, they will seek out different things in their cage to keep them entertained and active. If you’re a first-time bird owner and think they will just stand in their cage all day and tweet (not on Twitter!) or chat with you, you are mistaken. They will get their claws and beak on anything they can, and if that energy is not expended in a positive way, they will become bored, stressed out, restless and even aggressive. Bored birds have been known to be destructive to themselves and their surroundings, so it’s our job as their caretaker to provide plenty of mental and physical stimulation in their surroundings, and the best way to do that is to offer up a large variety of toys to keep them entertained and active and to switch out those toys on a regular basis. Zen Pet Supplies has a number of wood bird toys available online today.

Your bird will be extremely excited when new toys are added to his cage, and we encourage you to choose a variety of toys including some wooden ones. Wood bird toys may be stained with food-safe dyes, but you must avoid anything that is painted due to the obvious reason that the paint could be toxic to your feathered friend. The same is true of hanging toys made of paper, wood, leather, and other potentially harmful materials as the birds will peck at the toys and could be poisoned by toxic ingredients. You don’t have to worry about dangerous toys when you shop here because we only carry safe wooden bird toys that will provide hours upon hours of enjoyment for your bird and for you. You’ll get a kick out of watching your bird take on his latest challenge, and you’ll learn a lot about your bird by seeing how he approaches new additions to his cage.

The wooden toys you’ll find here come in all different shapes, sizes and designs. Some can be placed in the bird cage while others will have to be hung up. All of the wooden toys here are fairly inexpensive and many of them are under $5. We encourage you to stock up on toys for your bird because it’s highly recommended that you switch out their toys on a regular basis. Remember that when they’re bored, birds will resort to destructive behaviors, which could lead to a messy cage for you to clean. We think you’re sure to find several you like here, and the amazing bright colors they come in will surely add some flair to your bird’s environment. Please be sure to check out all the wood toys for birds available right here on the Zen Pet Supplies website.