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Bird Nesting Supplies

Birds have become hugely popular pets because they are fascinating creatures that live a very long time. Some species of birds live so long that they often outlive their owners. Did you know that many birds will live 30-40 years while others will have a lifespan as long as 80 years? Just think how wonderful it would be if all of our pets lived as long as we did. One of the most important jobs you have as a bird caretaker is providing a home that is comfortable and amenable to a bird’s needs. Whether you have indoor birds or help to take care of the wild birds around your home, you can get years and years of enjoyment out of providing a home to our fine, feathered friends. Zen Pet Supplies’ online store carries a number of the products you’ll need to enrich the backyard habitat your bird has grown accustomed to, and our wild bird nesting products are durable and very inexpensive. Please browse through our selection of nesting supplies to see if you can find exactly what you’re looking for; if you don’t find a specific item, please let us know or check back soon because we update our inventory on a regular basis.
Our bird nesting products come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Regardless of the type of birds that have come to your backyard, you will be able to provide safe areas for them to rest their weary wings and maybe even start a family. We carry open bamboo circular nests and covered bamboo nests made of various twigs, ideal for finches. We have a large parakeet hut made of twigs and a square, wooden nesting box wild birds will be thrilled to hang out in. You’ll find bird nesting products in both large and small sizes in our current inventory, and you’ll be thrilled to see that many of these products are under $10. You just can’t go wrong by choosing our online store as your one-stop shop for everything you need to provide a safe haven for the wild birds you’ve grown to love.

Another great feature found on many of our products is that our solid hardwood nest boxes have an indented bottom center to prevent egg rolling. When momma bird is ready to lay her eggs, she’ll know she has a safe place to do so, thanks to you. Nest boxes provide breeding opportunities for birds that nest in cavities. Many species, like chickadees and bluebirds, would naturally nest in a hole in a tree, but if they cannot find a tree with a suitable hole in it, the birds cannot nest. By putting in a nest box in your backyard, you will provide a safe place for birds to lay their eggs and raise their young. Keep in mind that our feathered friends provide us benefits, too. For instance, owls provide excellent rodent control, so they are great to have around if you’re not a big fan of these types of animals. If rodents have become a nuisance in your yard, owls will take care of your problem because it’s instinctual for them to do so. Please check out the large selection of wild bird nesting products available now at Zen Pet Supplies.