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Timed Reptile Habitat Power Strips

It’s so much fun to bring home a new pet, and setting up his habitat is not only enjoyable but it’s rewarding. It’s a great feeling knowing you’re providing a safe, secure, comfortable home for a reptile that’s been taken out of the wild and placed in human hands. As his caretaker, it’s your responsibility to create a habitat in your home that closely resembles his habitat in the wild. Doing so takes time, effort, and research, and if you can learn a great deal about setting up a reptile’s terrarium by reading about this online and seeking the guidance of an experienced reptile owner. There are a number of terrarium supplies and accessories you’ll need to create that ideal environment, and heating and lighting sources are two of the most important things you’ll need to create a safe, comfortable environment for your new pet. Zen Pet Supplies carries heating units and timed power strips for reptile habitats, so be sure to check out all of our reptile and amphibian terrarium supplies right here.
Different types of reptiles require different types and amounts of heating and lighting. Some terrariums must have both warm and cool places for the reptile, and to achieve the ideal habitat, you have to know when and where to provide heat and when and where to provide light. With timed power strips, you can achieve the right level of warmth and coolness in an easy way. Switching your terrarium light and heater from day to night mode can be done manually, but it can be challenging to remember to do that every day and night especially if you have a busy schedule and are not home a lot. For this reason, many reptile owners use high-quality, affordable heat controllers and timed power strips to make the running of your pet’s terrarium as easy as possible.

We carry a number of timed power strips and other accessories to make controlling heat easy and accurate. Some of our products feature an easy-to-program analog timer that provides a natural day/night cycle for your pet, with automatic switching between daytime and nighttime modes for optimal efficiency. Some of our timed power strips automatically turn your daytime lamp on in the morning and off at night, and conversely, turn your nighttime lamp or heater on at night and off in the morning. The timed power strips in our inventory are grounded for safety, making them safe, reliable, and the best way to replicate natural heat and light for your reptile. Please check out the timed power strips and other heating and lighting accessories for reptile terrariums on sale now at Zen Pet Supplies’ online store.