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Is it time to get a new pet and you’re thinking out of the box? If so, good for you! Many people typically think dog, cat, bird or hamster when considering adding a pet to the family, but how about something extremely non-traditional for a change? If you’re daring and want an adorable pet that will keep you entertained for hours upon hours at a time, you must read on to learn more about sugar gliders. If you’ve never heard of these cute little guys, beware! You may just fall in love at first site! Sugar gliders have grown in popularity in recent years and make wonderful pets, especially for children because they need very little maintenance and they have very gentle dispositions. Sugar gliders are small animals that are social—even more reason to choose them as a pet for children. These fascinating creatures make for a wonderfully loyal companion for adults. If you’re thinking about getting a new pet for your children or are looking for a companion for you or someone you know, a sugar glider will not disappoint. If you do decide to get a sugar glider, Zen Pet Supplies has everything you’ll need to take care of your new including cages made for sugar gliders.
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Jumbo Small Animal Cage Jumbo Small Animal Cage
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Midwest Critter Nation Double Level Pet Pen
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The first thing you’ll need for your new sugar glider is a cage, which should be purchased before he arrives in your home (just to make his transition less stressful for the both of you!). There are some things you should know about buying a cage for your sugar glider. Don’t buy just any cage. As you see on this page, we have cages specially designed for sugar gliders, so you can’t choose a birdcage to suffice. All of your pets, whether they’re traditional or non-traditional, need and deserve a home away from their natural habitat that provides the most comfortable, safe and happy environment for them. Bird cages have vertical bars that are very difficult for young sugar gliders to hold to. A baby sugar glider’s hands and feet are small and delicate, so we recommend that you choose a cage that has plenty of horizontal bars to help your sugar glider jump around and thrive in his new home.

You will learn very quickly that these amazing creatures are very active and move quickly from place to place. In no time at all, your new pet will be gliding all over his cage. The My First Home Multilevel Exotics Cage from Zen Pet Supplies is a wonderful choice for your sugar glider. With multiple levels and plenty of horizontal bars, your glider will have plenty of nooks and crannies to explore. If you have or want to have more than one sugar glider, please consider the Midwest Critter Nation Double Level Pet Plan, which has multiple levels and is big and spacious so your sugar gliders will have plenty of room to play. How fun would it be to watch your pet frolic for hours and hours? We know the answer! It’s extremely fun, and people of all ages will get many years of happiness from adopting a sugar glider.