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Snake Supplies

When you hear the word pet, you probably see images of a bouncy little puppy running around your living room or a cute, tiny kitty cat pouncing about your counter top. However, for some people, snake images come to mind when they hear the word pet and you'd be surprised at how many people (young/old and male/female) are finding that snakes make wonderful pets.
  • Bedding / Substrate

    Provide your terrarium with a natural forest floor look while retaining moisture to provide humidity to the enclosure. Great for snakes, amphibians, or tropical species of tortoises.
  • Feeding and Watering

    Provide constant fresh water, while the small basin discourages reptiles from fouling their water.
  • Habitat Accessoires

    Shop now and save on reptile habitat accessories such as decorations, hideaways, screen cover slips and more.
  • Snake Hook

    Move or collect small snakes in the wild. With our snake hooks, you can rest assure that handling snakes will keep you safe.
When it comes to their environment and care taking, snakes have unique requirements and should only be kept by those who are committed to learning about how to best meet their needs. If you are new to pet snakes, research the different species and see which ones are best for new snake owners. Obviously, if you have no experience with pet snakes, you want to stay away from venomous snakes, and of course, you don't want venomous snakes in the home if you have children.