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Habitat Accessories for Your Pet Snake

One of the best parts of pet ownership is setting up their habitats, and when it comes to pet snakes, the more accessories you include in your pet’s tank the better. Basking platforms, functional decorations (driftwood, waterfall kits, vines), screen cover clips (metal cover clips in all sizes), hideaways (huts and other shelters), thermometers (analog and digital thermometers and hygrometers to measure humidity, day/night timers, temperature controllers, and combo measurers), and other snake habitat accessories are on sale now today at Zen Pet Supplies’ online store. If you are looking for a particular item and cannot find it here today, please check back soon as we update our inventory on a regular basis. Adding the perfect accessories to your snake’s tank will provide a decorative flair and will also, and more importantly, provide your reptiles the mental and physical stimulation they need to thrive. Please contact us via our website if you’re looking for a certain type of snake habitat accessory you don’t see here today.
  • Basking Platforms

    Stair step design suits large or small reptiles. Exterior finish makes thorough cleaning easy. Promote healthy behaviors for reptiles of any size.
  • Functional Decorations

    Incorporate a beautiful and functional decorations into your reptiles habitat. Shop now and save.
  • Hideaways

    Dark hideaway keeps desert reptiles cool, promotes nesting. Safe for any environment, terrestrial or aquatic. Authentic Look, Designed For Easy Care.
  • Screen Cover Clips

    Firmly secure screen covers to prevent escapes. Spring steel snaps free for easy user access. Installs in seconds.
  • Thermometers

    Effectively monitor an Environmental Temperature Range (ETR) within your pet's enclosure to promote good health and longevity.
Adding accessories to a reptile’s habitat isn’t just about making it look good; some habitat accessories serve as the necessary hiding places for your reptile(s). A ramp or dock may function as a way for your pet to get from one level to another or from the water to basking area. Other habitat accessories may serve as a filter to keep your aquatic habitat cleaner, while plants and wood or stone add a touch of their natural habitat to your reptile’s home. Generally speaking, most reptiles need the same types of accessories in their habitats, but the specifics of those accessories will be different with different species. Here are some of the reptile terrarium accessories you’ll need to get: lighting, heating, hiding areas, water bowls or drip systems, automatic misters, substrate or some type of ground covering.

Most snakes just need a basic light-cycle of day and night, which is one of the main differences between snakes and lizards, this will affect what you need by way of reptile accessories. The more research you do ahead of time for the type of reptile you plan to own, the better prepared you will be to set up a proper environment. In the wild, lizards, snakes and turtles spend much of their time hiding from predators. If you want your pet to be healthy, you must allow him have hiding places inside his terrarium and cage hideaways are very affordable accessories to buy at Zen Pet Supplies where we carry basking platforms, functional decorations, hideaways, screen cover clips, and thermometers for your snake’s terrariums.