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Snake Bedding

If you’re reading this page, you must not be one of those people who are squeamish about owning a pet snake. Good for you! Even our friends who slither instead of walk need a forever home, and you’d be surprised how many snakes there are out there that have been abandoned or dropped off at shelters hoping someone else will take on the responsibility of caring for them. Snakes make ideal pets—for some. We will admit that owning a pet snake is not for everyone, but thankfully, there are those of you out there willing to take these fascinating creatures into your home and love them just as much as you would a cat or a dog. Before bringing home a snake as a pet, you definitely want to set up his habitat ahead of time because it’s not like you can let him slither around your house while you set up his terrarium. Zen Pet Supplies has all the supplies you need for your pet snake including snake bedding that is safe, comfortable and affordable.
The bedding we have for snakes is very similar to the bedding we carry for other reptiles and amphibians, so if you have browsed our other pages, you will see some of those same products right here in our pet snake section. While you decide on the type of bedding to buy at Zen, you can use newspaper or paper towels in the meantime, but these are only recommended for short-term use. Even snakes need to be comfortable over the long term! Sand is a more attractive and comfortable substrate for snakes than both newspapers and paper towels. And the reptile sand we carry comes in a variety of colors so you can jazz up your pet snake’s tank as much (or as little) as you like. Snakes can burrow in sand, but you don’t want them to swallow the sand because ingested sand may cause impaction, and grains of sand can get under the snake's scales, making him very uncomfortable. Many people have great experiences with sand as bedding for their snakes, but there are other options.

We carry a number of high-quality, eco-friendly reptile bedding products sure to make a great resting/sleeping area for your beloved pet. Our snake bedding products provide an organic and natural living habitat for terrarium animals and plants, and many of our products are perfect for tropical and forest habitats for species that burrow. Here, you will find a variety of different bedding and substrate material including turf carpet, Douglas Fir chips, other tree bark chips, ground walnut shells, clay, coconut fibers, sand, and a number of different types of moss, including the very popular sphagnum moss. The snakes available at Zen Pet Supplies comes in a large range of prices starting as low as under $10.