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Small Animal Toys

A zen pet is a happy pet. Show them how much you love them with small animal toys from Zen Pet Supplies.Whether you have a rabbit, guinea pig, ferret or hamster, it's important to provide toys to keep your little friends active, stimulated and to allow them the physical exercise they need to live a long, healthy life. Every type of pet needs some sort of physical activity, and small animal toys are one of the best ways to keep your furry loved one active and entertained.
  • Chinchilla

    Mini Nature ball. Safe, natural sisal material. Fun playtime bell included. Roll it, toss it, fetch it, over and over again.
  • Ferret

    Ferrets are curious and playful creatures by nature.  Buy them the best toys to keep their minds at optimal function.
  • Gerbil

    Give your gerbil all the comforts of home.  Our toys are made from the highest quality materials to ensure a durabity.
  • Guinea Pig

    Show you guinea pig how much you love them by giving them a quality, long lasting toy from Zen Pet Supplies.  So much fun, your kids will want to play with them.
  • Hamster

    Give your little friend all the toys they deserve.  Zen Pet Supplies provide quality hamster toys, at an affordable price.
  • Mouse

    Spoil your pet mice just as you would your child.  They like to play too.  Keep their bodies and minds active.
  • Rabbit

    Your rabbit needs to be exercised not only physically, but mentally too.  Give high quality, yet affordable rabbit toys from Zen to keep them active.
  • Rat

    Rats are one of our favorite small creatures.  They are fun and playful.  Give them quality toys from Zen and unleash the fun on your family.
After you research which toys are recommended for your pet, simply visit Zen Pet Supplies and stock up on toys you think your pet will enjoy. From hamster balls to chew toys, we have it all. Toys help to relieve boredom, give your pets exercise and satisfy their need to chew. Many animals' teeth can become overgrown and weak if their need to chew is not satisfied. Small animals love to climb, and weasel around, mazes will challenge your pet and keep them stimulated intellectually and physically. Check out Zen Pet Supplies for affordable small animal toys for all your furry (and non-furry) friends!