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Zen Pet has all of the supplies you’ll need for your small pet. We cater to all kinds of small pets including Guinea Pigs, Pot Bellied Pigs, Sugar Glider, hedgehog, and any other type of lovable fur ball you can cup in the palm of your hands. Whether you’re caring for a hamster, rabbit, ferret, or rat, we have all of the products needed to create a comfortable habitat that will make them feel at ease.

While these animals may not require quite as much attention as a puppy or kitten would, they do require daily care and attention and knowledge of their habitat. To make the transition from the pet store to your home smooth and comfortable for your small animal, be sure to have his environment set up before you bring him home. Zen Pet Supplies carries equipment and products you need to make your small animal's move to his new home a safe and comfortable one.
If you have a small animal that you love, shop a wide variety of toys, homes, bedding and covers.
  • Bedding

    Our small animal bedding is made with the highest quality materials to ensure the optimum in pet comfort and effectiveness. 100% natural.
  • Beds

    Small animal beds from Zen Pet Supplies are made of high-quality materials that last. Most can be machine washed and dried, making them easy to clean.
  • Cages

    Give your small animal companion everything they need to live a long, healthy and happy life.

  • Carrier

    Let your pet travel first class in a small pet carrier from Zen Pet Supplies.  Safe, durable and comfortable. Built to last.
  • Chews

    Deliciously fabulous.  Our small pet chews are healthy, delicious and long lasting.  Shop and save on all your small animal supplies.
  • Chinchilla Supplies

    Shop now and save on a large selection of Chinchilla supplies.  We have everything from bedding, food, toys, cages and much more.
  • Degu

    Degu's are cute and cuddly.  Show them how much you love them by giving them quality products from Zen Pet Supplies.
  • Display Cases

    Give your small pet a variety of treats that are nutritious and delicious.   Shop now and save when you buy in bulk.
  • Exercise Wheels and Balls

    Our exercise wheels and balls are great for exercise inside or outside of the cage.  Browse lots of colors and sizes.
  • Feeding and Watering

    You give your small pets quality food. Why not give them a decorative bowl to eat and drink out of too?
  • Ferret Supplies

    Ferrets are sure to brighten any home. Save on cages, food, toys, chews, hammocks and more.  Show them how much your love them.
  • Food

    It's a fact that quality food will keep your pet healthy and happy.  Give your pet a good lease on life and buy superior food from Zen.
  • Gerbil Products

    Quality gerbil products at a price that won't break the bank.  Browse cages, food, chews, treats, bedding, toys and more.
  • Grooming

    Keep your small pet looking and smelling fresh.  Browse and save on small animal grooming products from Zen Pet Supplies.
  • Guinea Pig Products

    Save on Guinea Pig bedding, dishes, food, cages, toys, food, litter and more.  Show your guinea pig how much you love them.
  • Hamster Products

    We are your one stop shop for everything Hamster.  Look no further than Zen Pet Supplies for all your small animal products.
  • Harness

    Great for ferrets, guinea pigs and rabbits.  Our small animal harnesses are soft, comfortable and durable.
  • Health and Wellness

    Give your furry family members a healthy lease on life.  Shop our health and wellness small animal products and save!
  • Hedgehog Products

    Not only are Hedgehogs cute, but are so much fun to play with.  Give them a healthy start to a long and active life.
  • Litter

    Litter doesn't have to be messy or make your house smell. Our small animal litter will keep your pet cage feeling and smelling fresh.
  • Litter Boxes

    Our litter pans are perfect for ferrets, rabbits and other pets. Yes, small animals can be litter trained. easy-to-clean, stain and odor resistant.
  • Pet Mouse Supplies

    Give your little critter the home they deserve.  Shop and save on quality mouse products from Zen Pet Supplies.
  • Pet Rat Products

    We give a rats ass.  That's why we are offering you the best pet rat products to ensure a healthy life.  Save on all your rat supplies.
  • Playpen

    Shop a large selection of playpens for small animals. Provide your little furry companion plenty of room to move around and play.

  • Pot Bellied Pig

    Pot Belly pigs are one of the cutest pets alive.  They are smart, cuddly and just plain adorable.  Give them a healthy start to a long life.
  • Rabbit Products

    Hop on over to Zen Pet Supplies for extreme savings on everything rabbit.  Browse a large selection of food, bedding, treats, harnesses and more.
  • Stain and Odor

    Get rid of any stain and odor associated with your small pet.  We are dedicated to providing you with quality products to keep your bond strong.
  • Sugar Glider Products

    Sugar gliders make amazing pets.  Save on cages, bedding, food / watering dishes and exercise equipment.  
  • Toys

    Our affordable, high quality small animal toys will add some pizazz to your little four legged companion's sanctuary and provide him or her hours of entertainment throughout the day (and night for nocturnal animals).

  • Treats

    Give your babies healthy and delicious treats.  Your little friend will instantly know how much they mean to you! Save at Zen Pet Supplies.

Because some of these pets don’t require as much attention, they’re often the first choice as pets for children. However, proper care and maintenance for these small furry bundles of joy are still in order. To keep your small pets healthy and clean, make sure that they stay active with exercise wheel balls, Run About Balls, and wire mesh mouse and hamster wheels. Have fun watching your little critter crony roll about in his or her clear or neon color Kritter Krawler. After all of that exercise, your small pet will have certainly have worked up an appetite. So make sure that you treat him or her right with the proper diet of Zen Pet’s pantry of delectable food selections. In case company comes over, keep your small pet’s appearances up to par with a vanity selection of small pet grooming products and accessories like bath tubs, nail clippers, small pet shampoos, skin and coat sprays, de-shedders, small pet brushes, and dust bath powders. It’s all here!

Rabbits are soft and furry and children absolutely adore them as pets. The large selection of breeds and availability make rabbits a popular children's pet. Holland Lops, Dutch and Polish are some popular breeds; larger breeds like the Flemish Giant tend to be more tolerant of being handled than other breeds. You can teach your children how to care for their rabbit, which will prepare them for larger animal ownership such as a dog when they're older and more mature.

Hamsters are active and fun to watch. One huge benefit of owning a hamster is that they are self-groomers that rarely need anything except an occasional dust bath. Zen Pet Supplies has all the hamster supplies you'll need to keep your hamster busy (especially at night since they're nocturnal) and healthy.

Rats and mice actually make great pets for kids and they are also self-groomers. Rats and mice like to interact with their owners but don't require the attention that larger animals do.

Ferrets are hugely popular pets, especially for teenagers. They live five to seven years and have lots of personality to keep their owners entertained for hours on end. Ferrets need time out of their cage to explore and get exercise, and one great thing about this small animal is that they can be litter box trained.

Check out Zen Pet Supplies extensive selection of affordable small animal supplies and stock up today.