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Small Pet Carriers

When it comes to pet carriers, you may not be able to find ones specifically for small animals like ferrets, rabbits, hedgehogs, chinchillas and the like, but when you choose a durable, well-made, high-quality pet carrier from a reputable business, you can be sure it will work for your non-traditional pets, too. Zen Pet Supplies currently has a large variety of small pet carriers to choose from, and these comfortable, sturdy and long-lasting carriers will surely do the job when it comes to safely transporting your beloved pet from place to place. Whether you travel a lot or just need to have something to put your pets in for trips to the vet’s office, our pet carriers for small animals will work perfectly. You’ll find lots of pockets and pouches on many of our pet carriers, the ones with wheels make moving your animals from location to location super easy and stress free.
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Park Avenue Pet Carrier & Car Seat
Retail Price: $59.94
Sales Price: $52.45
Savings: $7.49
I GO2 Escort Pet Carrier
Retail Price: $71.94
Sales Price: $62.95
Savings: $8.99
Kelsey Cross Body Pet Carrier Kelsey Cross Pet Carrier
Retail Price: $91.99
Sales Price: $79.99
Savings: $12.00
I GO Plus Traveler Pet Carrier
Retail Price: $131.94
Sales Price: $115.45
Savings: $16.49

Great for Ferrets, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Rabbits, Hedgehogs and more!

When it’s time to choose a pet carrier for air travel, be sure to do your homework and make sure the airline you’re flying allows the type of pet you have in the cabin. Even if you’re traveling with a dog or cat, there are very strict weight requirements for each airline, and the carrier your pet is in must be able to fit comfortably under the seat of the person in the row in front of you. You’ll find very specific carrier measurements listed on the website of each airline, so be sure to choose a small pet carrier that will be approved by the airlines if you’re a frequent flyer. You also want to make sure the carrier is large enough to comfortably house your pet temporarily. If your animal cannot turn around comfortably in the carrier, then it’s too small.

One of the most popular small pet carriers in our inventory is the I Go Plus Traveler Pet Carrier, which is a five-in-one super convenient carrier with a telescoping handle and wheels, so it works as a rolling case for your pets. It can be used as a backpack, tote, carrier, or car seat, even, and that’s why it’s referred to as a “five in one” pet carrier. This amazing pet carrier comes with a removable plush pad for easy washing, a tether to secure animal, and wheel covers. If the pet fits the dimensions of this product comfortably when the product is fully assembled, the product will support the weight of the pet. Be sure to check out this and other small pet carriers on sale now at Zen Pet Supplies.