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Small Animal Cages

Before you bring home a small animal such as a rabbit, mouse, rat, guinea pig, hamster or ferret, you should have a new home all set up. Zen Pet Supplies has a large selection of small animal cages at affordable prices. Small animal sanctuaries provide security, and they create a comfortable home for your new pet. The cage for your new furry friend is one of the most important pieces of equipment you'll need, so be sure to get the right type of cage for your small animal.
  • Chinchilla

    Chinchilla Cages from Zen, are a good choice to keep your animals safely confined, while in a comfortable, stress free environment.
  • Ferrets

    If you decide to adopt or buy a ferret, be sure to stock up on the supplies you'll need from Zen Pet Supplies, a one-stop shop for small animal products and equipment.

  • Gerbil

    Zen's gerbil cages provide spacious, fun living spaces, while offering security for even the smallest furry friends.
  • Guinea Pig

    Zen Pet Supplies has a wide selection of fun and comfortable,  chew proof guinea pig habitats and are designed to keep your little furry friends safe and secure.
  • Hamster

    Zen Pet Supplies has the hamster supplies you need to create a safe, clean and happy home for your new furry little friend.

  • Hedgehog

    Empower those gorgeous little guys and gals of yours with the feelings of competency and all the health benefits that come from good ole fashioned playtime, using super roomy hedgehog cages from Zen.
  • Maintenance

    Zen's line of cleaning tools are made of Durable materials and constructed to help maintain a happy healthy environment for your small animal friends.
  • Mouse

    Convenient and colorful mouse cages from Zen, include extra fun ports for connecting exciting components, allowing for the growth of his or her sanctuary.
  • Rabbit

    Shop a wide variety of rabbit cages to keep your fuzzy bunny safe, secure and comfortable.

  • Rats

    Zen Pet Supplies - a one-stop shop for rat supplies, at a price that won't break the bank.

  • Sugar Gilder

    Give your sugar glider the maximum living space to play. These innovate cages fit nicely in any room, helping shield your little critter from daily commotion.
Be sure to get cages with narrow bars so your little one can't squeeze between them and get loose. A suitable small pet cage will have a removable tray for cleaning and easy installation of water bottles and food dishes. A wheel, climbing tubes and ladders provide hours of entertainment and exercise for your new furry friend.

Rabbit cages, called hutches, should provide space, shelter and entertainment for your rabbit. Many rabbit hutches have more than one level so your rabbit can climb and have plenty of space to hop around. Rabbit hutches come with solid side sections where they can hide and sleep, making them feel secure in their new home.