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Small Pet Bedding

Setting up your small pet’s habitat is one of the most important tasks you will undertake before the arrival of your new pet. Whether you are getting a rabbit, ferret, hamster, gerbil or some other type of furry friend, you will need to do some research to learn what type of bedding is most highly recommended for your type of pet. Some small animals require very specific types of bedding, and there’s really no “one type fits all” when it comes to bedding for small pets. For this reason, you’ll find a large selection of small pet bedding on sale now at the Zen Pet Supplies’ online store. We currently have bedding for ferrets, chinchillas, mice, rats, gerbils, hamsters, and rabbits. Choosing the correct bedding for your small pet will promote healthy living and nesting for your furry buddy, and our highly absorbent small pet bedding supplies will keep your pet happy, healthy and safe.
  • Chinchilla

    For maximum odor control, absorbency and fun, pick up chinchilla bedding from Zen Pet Supplies. Ultra soft and comfy for your furry little friend, while providing a natural living environment.
  • Ferret

    Zen's all natural ferret bedding keeps your little munchkin's sanctuary feeling fresh and cozy. It's easy to clean and environmentally safe!
  • Gerbil

    Zen Pet Supplies provides dust-free, highly absorbent bedding for gerbils. Watch your little nesting buddy, gather the bedding bits and build a warm cozy nest!
  • Guinea Pig

    Make your favorite guinea pig the happiest queen or king in the kingdom. With top notch guinea pig bedding from Zen, you'll be able to watch them safely play, nest and be cozy.
  • Hamster

    Zen's hamster bedding is earth friendly and safe for you and your little furry companion. Absorbent fibers reduce aromatics and keep your babies dry and comfortable.
  • Mouse

    Keep your itty bitty friend comfortable and dry, with Zen Pet Supplies' array of mouse bedding. Our earth friendly supplies give your fur babies all the nesting security they desire.
  • Rabbit

    Rabbit Bedding from Zen Pet Supplies is made from the highest quality materials to ensure the optimum in bunny comfort and effectiveness.
  • Rat

    Promote healthy living and nesting for your furry friend, with essential rat bedding from Zen Pet Supplies. Our highly absorbent bedding keeps your little one happy and feeling fresh!
Some of the different types of chinchilla bedding we currently carry include: cotton bedding, corn fiber mats, woven mats, different colors of bedding, pine bedding, corn cob bedding, aspen bedding, and other types that may be ideal for your pet chinchilla. Many of these types of bedding will work perfectly for your pet ferrets, also, but be sure to do research online or ask an experienced small pet owner for advice on what types of bedding are best for your particular pet. The gerbil bedding in our current inventory provides dust-free, highly absorbent substrate for gerbils that is affordable, long lasting and comfortable for your little furry friend. For your guinea pigs, we have all the above types of bedding, and we also have cedar bedding that’s ideal for guinea pigs. We carry both large and small bags of bedding for your pets, so if you’re not sure what your pet will like best, you can try starting with a smaller bag, and if that works, you can buy a larger bag at a later time.

The hamster bedding available from our online store is earth friendly and safe for you and your little furry companions. Bedding made of absorbent fibers reduces aromatics and keeps your furry babies dry and comfortable day after day. Be sure to read up on how often your pet’s bedding needs to be changed because dirty bedding is unpleasant for your pet and you as it will smell badly if it’s not changed on a regular basis. Keeping your pet’s habitat clean and safe is crucial to providing a nice long, healthy life for all types of pets. We also carry bedding for mice and rats that will keep these tiny pets dry and comfortable. Providing nesting security is one of the most important things you will do for your small pets, and you should be able to find everything you need right here on the Zen Pet Supplies website. If you are looking for a particular type of small pet bedding and don’t see it today, please check back soon as we update our inventory on a regular basis. You can also contact us via our website and ask about a particular type of bedding you’d like to try.