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Small Hookbill Bird Treats

The term “hookbill” is used to cover species of bird that can speak and have a certain type of beak (hooked). There are many different types of hookbill birds including parrot, cockatiel, macaw, parakeet, swallow-tailed kite, and several other types of parrots and parakeets that make good pets. The terms "softbill" and "hookbill" describe different types of birds based on the shape and structure of their beaks. Members of the parrot family are hookbills, and they all have a curved, hook-shaped beak. The beaks are super strong; these beaks can crush the tough shells of nuts, seeds, and fruits with thick skins like kiwi and banana. These fruits and other food items make tasty nutritious treats for your feathered friend. They eat a different diet than softbills, so by knowing your bird is a hookbill, you will be able to learn about the different types of food he eats. Please check out Zen Pet Supplies’ large selection of small hookbill treats available now for a very low price.
The beaks are designed to conquer one of their most important tasks—cracking, crushing and prying open the hard outer coatings around nuts and other foods. While the beaks are lightweight, they are extremely strong. You will be amazed at what your pet bird can do when he has a challenge before him. A number of the small hookbill bird treats in our current inventory have that protective coating that birds love to destroy. Because birds are highly intelligent and energetic creatures, they get bored easily, and when a bird gets bored, he gets destructive to himself and his environment. By keeping your bird mentally and physically stimulated, you will help prevent him from exhibiting destructive behaviors like destroying his surroundings.

By choosing small hookbill treats from our online store, you will provide your bird the opportunity to forage, which is something birds in the wild do instinctually. Foraging requires a bird to look for, locate, and retrieve his food. Wild birds must forage for food daily, and while foraging for food isn’t a life necessity for pet birds, it is something they enjoy and it’s something that provides both the mental and physical stimulation birds need. A bored bird will often scream and destroy his environment, so when you provide a number of different treats for your hookbill, you will enrich his life and minimize the number of messy cage clean-ups you have to perform. Please feel free to browse the large selection of nutritious, affordable and tasty small hookbill bird treats available now at Zen Pet Supplies.