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Have you recently brought home some fish as pets and want to move them from a tank or bowl to an aquarium? If so, then good for you and welcome to the exciting and rewarding world of being an aquarist—a fancy term for fish caretaker! Small fish aquariums are ideal for those of you just starting your new hobby as an aquarist, and you’ll find a number of amazing fish aquariums right here on the Zen Pet Supplies website. As you grow your fish family and become a more experienced aquarist, you can upgrade to larger aquariums and more fish and plant life. That’s just one of the wonderful things about being an aquarist—you can choose how simple or complex your fish habitat is, and you can upgrade (or downsize) any time you like. We have a number of really cool aquariums in all shapes and sizes in our current inventory, so please browse our selection and check out our stunning fish aquariums!
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Stacking Kit for Deco Cubes
Retail Price: $5.49
Sales Price: $4.22
Savings: $1.27
BioBubble Deco Cube Habitat
Retail Price: $12.17
Sales Price: $10.65
Savings: $1.52
BioBubble 3D Background for AquaTerra
Retail Price: $20.28
Sales Price: $17.74
Savings: $2.54
Another great thing about having fish as pets is that the whole family can participate in this hobby. Young children can learn how to set up and maintain small fish aquariums, and taking care of fish is a great way to teach your children how to care for other living things. Caring for a fish or any pet is something that people of all ages can take pride in, and in addition to providing hours upon hours of enjoyment and entertainment, fish are beautiful creatures. Once you get going on setting up your fish aquarium, you’ll be amazed at the infinite possibilities for decorating and upgrading your tank. We’re glad you’re starting out small because if you start out with a huge aquarium and don’t have the experience or knowledge necessary to care for a large number of fish and a large number of different types of fish and other aquatic creatures, you may become overwhelmed. We don’t want that to happen because your fish need you!

When you start with a small fish aquarium from ZPS, you can add as little or as many decorations as you like. You’ll need to start with substrate (the particles that line the bottom of your tank and include gravel, sand, pebbles and the like), and then you can add cool decorations and colorful plant life to jazz up your small aquarium. Your fish will love the decorations, as they need mental and physical stimulation just like any other pet. You’ll love our selection of aquariums in all different shapes and designs, and another great thing about starting out small is that you can place these aquariums just about anywhere in your home. Just be sure to do a little bit of homework online or ask an experienced aquarist about where NOT to put a fish tank. Too much light or not enough light, too much heat or not enough heat and similar issues greatly affect how healthy your fish will be. Even though you’re starting out small, you must have some basic knowledge about caring for fish, so all of your aquatic life forms will thrive and be happy as clams—terrible pun intended! Please check the Zen Pet Supplies website often as we update our inventory of aquariums on a regular basis; the one you’ve been envisioning may show up on our site any day now!