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Small Animal Food

  • Chinchilla

    Shop now and save on Chinchilla food from Zen Pet Supplies.  Give your little furry friend the best lease on life possible.
  • Degu

    Provide an excellent balance of protein and fiber and is naturally low in fat. Deliver the highest quality nutrition your pet needs.
  • Ferret

    Ferrets are strict carnivores and require meat-based protein. Combine the freshest meat ingredients with low temperature processing.
  • Gerbil

    Wheat, milo, oats, white millet, cracked corn, sunflower seed, flaked wheat, kibbled corn, and alfalfa pellets.
  • Guinea Pig

    Encourage foraging and natural feeding behavior! Made with timothy hay, carrots, rose hips, apple slices and other delicious herbs. Great source of fiber!
  • Hamster

    Encourage a happy and healthy hamster by giving them the best food on the market.  Shop now and save.
  • Hedgehog

    Formulated specifically for Hedgehogs, Zen delivers maximum freshness and nutrition for the best health.
  • Mouse

    Healthy, Nutricious and Delicious.  Give your tiny furry family member the best lease on life possible. Give them high quality mouse food.
  • Pot Bellied Pig

    Give your pot bellied pig a balanced diet. Our food is formulated as a maintenance diet for mature pigs. Show them how much you love them by feeding the best food on the market.
  • Rabbit

    Give your rabbits a quality, alfalfa based food with all the vitamins and minerals necessary for good health.
  • Rat

    Fortified with essential vitamins, minerals and the farm fresh goodness of carrots, peas, celery, corn, potato and more.
  • Sugar Glider

    Our sugar glider food contains unique ingredients which consist of vegetables such as carrots and parsley plus five different fruit juices.