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Slow Dog Feeders

Have you ever heard of a “slow dog feeder”? If you’re thinking, “Hey, my dog’s not slow!” then you may be misunderstanding the phrase a bit. A slow dog feeder is not a bowl for slow dogs; it’s a bowl that dispenses food to dogs slowly and kind of forces them to eat more slowly and not “wolf” down their food—which is a bad habit for many dogs. How do slow dog feeders work and what are their benefits? Let’s take a look at why so many people swear by this method of feeding their canine companions. And then you can check out our large inventory of slow dog feeders available now at Zen Pet Supplies. Many dogs eat too fast instinctively. They will gulp their food down in a matter of seconds without chewing or tasting it. With a slow feeder, you will force your dog to slow down and may even save his life by doing so.
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Often, larger dogs tend to eat more quickly than smaller dogs; dogs in multi-pet households will also eat faster because they want to prevent their food from being taken by other dogs. Eating too fast can cause many problems: choking, vomiting or regurgitation, and could eventually result in obesity. Dogs that gobble their food also swallow a lot of air, resulting in excessive gassiness. Worse, gulping of food, along with the swallowed air, can cause a life-threatening condition known as bloat, a serious medical problem most often found in dogs with deep chests.

Slow dog feeders are designed with obstacles built into the bowl that your dog must eat around, forcing him to eat more slowly. This type of bowl also prevents your dog from taking large gulps of food at once. When using a slow-feed bowl, choose a bowl with a non-skid bottom to prevent the bowl from being pushed around the floor as your dog eats. You can put dry or wet dog food in a slow feeder, and you can choose from a number of slow feeders today right here on the Zen Pet Supplies website. We’re sure you’ll find one you like, and your dog will thank you for doing everything you can to help keep him healthy. It’s amazing what you can do for such a low price!