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Sterilizers for Saltwater Aquariums

You’ll see on our website that there are numerous pieces of equipment and supplies for freshwater and saltwater aquariums, but don’t be overwhelmed. If you’re a fairly inexperienced aquarist (that’s a fancy term for someone who cares for fish), you’ll soon learn which pieces of equipment perform which job and what equipment is a must have and what equipment is optional. An ultra-violet sterilizer (UV) is a piece of equipment that can be used for both freshwater and saltwater tanks, and they are used in conjunction with your filtration system. UV sterilizers offer many benefits including water clarification, management of waterborne organisms like free-floating algae, and they are used to control infections and stop the spreading of dangerous bacteria from one fish, coral or invertebrate to another. UV sterilizers for saltwater tanks can be used in aquariums and in fish ponds, and there are a number of them on sale now at Zen Pet Supplies.

You will need other aquarium parts that work in conjunction with a UV sterilizer for saltwater tanks, and we carry all of those parts. A UV sterilizer is a big financial investment, so you want to spend some time doing your homework so you understand which one will work best for the type of aquarium you have. Our UV sterilizers for saltwater tanks come in a large variety of wattage levels (a range of 8 to 114 watts). The wattage you need depends on your aquarium and the type of fish and other saltwater life forms you house there. UV sterilizers for saltwater aquariums protect fish from harmful bacteria and other microorganisms that are so tiny they can’t even be seen with the naked eye. But a UV sterilizer will detect dangerous microorganisms and eradicate them providing your saltwater fish a safe and healthy habitat.

How does a sterilizer work in a saltwater tank? Great question! It’s really rather simple. The UV light kills all free-floating organisms that would attack your fish if they were not killed by the sterilizer. The dangerous organisms must be in the water that flows to the UV sterilizer in order to be detected and destroyed. Saltwater UV sterilizers work by using a germicidal fluorescent lamp that produces light, and bacteria in water pass over the light bulb and are irradiated by the light. When the light penetrates the bacteria or algae, it mutates its DNA, which prevents the organism from growing and multiplying. Saltwater UV sterilizers are most beneficial in tank systems that share a common filter, and usually aren’t used in very small aquariums. UV sterilizers work extremely well in heavily stocked tanks and those that have a large amount of live rock and coral (often the case in saltwater tanks). Sterilizers can act as stand-alone units, can be housed inside a canister filter, can be mounted on the aquarium wall, or can be put inside an aquarium stand. A UV sterilizer for saltwater aquariums will keep your water clear, clean and safe for all types of saltwater life forms. Please feel free to browse the Zen Pet Supplies online store and contact us if you have any questions about a product you have found or something you need and don’t see here on our site.