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Reptile Water Conditioners

If you’re the proud owner of a reptile, you know it’s your responsibility to provide your pet the safest, most comfortable habitat possible. Pets like dogs and cats don’t come from the wild, but reptiles in shelters and sold in pet stores have been taken from their natural, wild habitat and placed in the hands of humans. Your primary goal is to create a habitat in your home that most closely resembles their habitat in the wild. One thing you want to be sure of is that your reptiles have plenty of fresh, clean water at all times. Water quality is, by far, one of the most important aspects of providing your pet clean water that’s safe to drink. Regular water changes are essential for the health and welfare of our pets whether they’re fish, birds or reptiles. Conditioning (also called treating) water is something that’s easy to do when you have the proper equipment. Zen Pet Supplies has a number of reptile water conditioners available right here in our online store.
Here, you’ll find water conditioners for terrariums that remove chloramines & chlorine, detoxify ammonia and nitrates (mainly for fish tanks) and provide essential ions and electrolytes that help hydrate your reptilian pets. Our water conditioners also help improve your reptiles overall health and wellbeing. Chloramine is an invisible substance that can get into a pet’s bloodstream and may cause stress sickness and erratic behavior in animals poisoned by this substance. If a water conditioner is not used to purify water, your pets can die. Another invisible killer is excessive levels of heavy metals, such as zinc, copper and lead, that could possibly leach into the water from galvanized or copper pipes. A small amount of these metals are required for normal metabolic activity, but too much of these substances is a bad thing.

Reptiles have thick, impermeable skin which allows them to tolerate poor water conditions better than fish and amphibians; however, it’s still very, very important to keep your reptile’s water clean, and you can do this with just a little bit of water conditioner specifically designed for reptile water. Inexperienced reptile caretakers often make the big mistake of waiting for the water to look unclean before changing it out. Experienced caretakers understand the importance of cleaning and conditioning your pet’s water on a regular basis. To help ensure your pet reptile lives a long, healthy life, make sure the water in his terrarium and clean and conditioned. You will find water conditioners for turtles and other popular reptilian pets right here on the Zen Pet Supplies’ online store.