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Reptile Habitat Filters

If you have been reading other reptile product pages here on the Zen Pet Supplies website, you have learned the importance of setting up a safe habitat for your pet reptile. Creating a habitat that closely resembles his habitat in the wild is your primary responsibility as his new caretaker. After all, humans take reptiles out of their natural habitat and put them in captivity when they’re offered up as pets, but if you take proper care of your reptile and provide him a safe, clean environment, you will have done your part to do the right thing. Humans have taken animals out of their natural habitat to keep as pets for centuries, so it’s important to honor these animals by putting for the effort, time and money necessary to create an ideal habitat for them in your home. Zen Pet Supplies carries reptile habitat filters to help you create the perfect environment for your new pet reptile.
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Reptology Internal Terrarium Filter Reptology Internal Terrarium Filter
Retail Price: $51.94
Sales Price: $39.95
Savings: $11.99
Setting up and maintaining a healthy habitat is the first thing to do to have a healthy reptile that lives a long life. For reptiles that require a partially or fully aquatic setup, proper habitat set-up involves installing a proper filtration system. There are many different filters to choose from, and it requires a great deal of research to know which filtration system is best for your particular pet. We encourage you to do plenty of research online and speak to experienced reptile caretakers before making a purchase of this importance.

A filtration system is absolutely necessary for reptile setups that include water areas or that are fully aquatic, and filter offer a number of benefits. Filtration systems keep your pet’s water clean, and filters help to eliminate toxins that build up over time in your pet’s habitat. Filters also aerate the water, and many reptiles require aerated water to live. Aerated water has the oxygen that your pets need to live; low levels of oxygen in the tank’s water can cause stress, sickness and even death. Filters help to more accurately simulate your reptile’s natural environment because reptiles in the wild don't live in stagnant bodies of water. Some live in rivers with fast moving currents, but even those that live in ponds or lakes still have some movement in their water. Filtrations systems, like the ones for sale at Zen Pet Supplies, provide your pet reptile the water environment he needs to thrive. Overall, a good filtration system will promote good health in your pet reptile, so please do your research and choose the filter system that’s recommended for your pet.