Reptile Supplies

Heaters, Lighting, Bedding, Food & More!

For the pet-owners who prefer the company and not the cuddle, we have an abundant supply of reptilian products to keep your cold-blooded friends healthy and cozy. Zen Pet Supplies has the products and equipment you need to make your reptile's environment a safe, healthy and happy one. Did you know that reptiles are capable of recognizing people by the sound of their voice, appearance and scent? Reptiles are also capable of learning and interacting appropriately with humans making them great pets.

  • Bedding / Substrate

    Provide your reptile friend with all the comforts of home.  Our bedding is safe and comfortable.  Save now.
  • Books

    Learn everything you need to know about how to care for your reptiles including turtles, lizards, snakes and more.
  • Cleaning and Waste Management

    Terrarium disinfectant, cleaner and deodorizer. Kills Salmonella and Pseudomonas. Reduce the spread of bacterial infections!
  • Feeding and Watering

    Make dinner time easy and mess free.  Provide your reptile friend with quality food and water dishes and ensure a healthy start on life.
  • Food

    Browse a large selection of quality reptile food products and keep your babies healthy and happy.  Save now.
  • Frog Supplies

    Shop now and save on all your pet frog supplies at Zen.  Ensure your amphibian friend gets a healthy start on life.
  • Gauges / Thermometer

    Effectively monitor an Environmental Temperature Range (ETR) within your pet's enclosure to promote good health and longevity.
  • Habitat Plants

    Create your own jungle!  Our Natural Bush plants will provide hiding and resting places for all types of reptiles and amphibians.
  • Habitats

    Shop and save on reptile habitats, homes, lighting, heating equipment, food and water products, decorations and more.

  • Health and Wellness

    Keep your reptile friends healthy and happy.  Our reptile health and wellness products will give your reptile the best lease on life possible.
  • Heaters

    Flexible, water resistant, and durable.  Use in wood, plastic, or glass terrariums.  Low wattage, and very economical to operate.
  • Hermit Crab

    Zen Pet Supplies is your one stop shop to everything hermit crab.  Shop habitats, food, heaters, shells and more.
  • Incubator

    Keep your reptilian babies warm and cozy with egg incubators from Zen Pet Supplies.  Ensure a healthy lease on life.
  • Lighting

    Provide your reptile with necessary lighting to encourage a healthy and long life.  Browse a large selection and save.
  • Lizards and Bearded Dragons

    We have everything you need to keep your bearded dragon a full lease on life. Shop food, lamps, habitats and more.
  • Screen Cover Clips

    Firmly secure screen covers to prevent escapes.  Spring steel snaps free for easy user access.  Installs in seconds.
  • Screen Covers

    Ensure you reptile friends have plenty of ventilation, while ensuring their safety.   Our reptile screen covers effortlessly slide on and off the habitats for quick clean up and feeding.
  • Snake Supplies

    Zen Pet Supplies has the pet snake equipment and products you need to ensure your snake lives a long, healthy life.
  • Timed Power Strips

    Keep your reptile heat and lighting on a 24hr timer.  Our timers are grounded outlets and easy to program. Shop now and save.
  • Turtles

    Looking for turtle supplies for your aquatic friends. Comfortable, secure, safe and affordable.

While reptiles are somewhat less expensive to care for, they do require occasional visits to the veterinarian for parasite treatment and such. Just like any other pet, ongoing monthly supplies include, but are not limited to: Beddings for turtles, snakes, frogs, lizards and dragons, Hermit Crabs and any other scaly comrade you can think of. Choose from Zen Pet’s selection of Eco Turf Carpet in a variety of colors, or Cage Carpet that will make your reptilian pet feel like they’re right outdoors—with the assistance of proper lighting! While artificial turf will last longer, your pet will appreciate the foliage of organic plants in his or her environment. Browse our selection of Natural Bushy Mexican or Amazon Phyllo, Natural Bushy Congo Ivy, Malaysian Fern, Australian Maple and many other varieties of plants. Bathe your reptile with its tropical temperature with a selection of lighting and accessories to suit the daytime needs as well as nocturnal. Choose from halogen, fluorescent, or incandescent bulbs and organize it all with timed power strips. Make sure that your scaled friend gets the proper diet with food that has been prepared specifically for each kind of reptile along with feeding and watering utensils like reptile dishes, feeding tongs, Easy Feed Syringe Feeders, automatic watering systems, water conditioners, hanging feeders, and more!

Becoming a reptile owner, just as with any other pet, is a big responsibility that requires you learn about the reptile's habitat, food needs, need for exercise and social interaction and lifespan. Many reptiles have similar lifespans as mammals of a similar size, so their popularity as family pets has risen over recent years because they live a long time.

Reptiles are often less expensive than other pets such as cats, dogs and birds. However, Your reptile will require occasional visits to the vet for parasite testing and treatment, if necessary. Ongoing monthly expenses include cleaning and disinfecting supplies, new substrate, food and electricity to keep your reptile's body and environment at the proper temperature. Visit Zen Pet Supplies today to get your reptile everything he needs for his new home.

Browse a wide variety of the products and equipment you need to make your reptile's environment a safe, healthy and happy one.