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If you're thinking about bringing a reptilian pet into your home, congratulations on making a great choice! Reptiles are becoming more and more popular as pets as they're enjoyable to watch and do not require quite as much physical and emotional attention as puppies and kittens. They do, however, require specific care, and it's very important that you create a habitat for your reptile that closely mimics his natural habitat. This will help ensure he lives a long healthy life out of the wild.

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Reptology Clamp Lamp - 10 in. Reptology Clamp Lamp - 10 in.
Retail Price: $37.44
Sales Price: $29.95
Savings: $7.49
Penn Plax Reptology Vivarium Lamp Penn Plax Reptology Vivarium Lamp
Retail Price: $68.94
Sales Price: $59.95
Savings: $8.99

Reptiles living in the wild require a great deal of direct sunlight to allow for maximum blood circulation and to keep them active and healthy. Because your home cannot provide the amount of direct natural sunlight your reptile requires, it's important to provide plenty of artificial lights to ensure your reptile is comfortable, safe and healthy in his new home. Reptile lights are a must-have for your reptile's habitat because they promote physical and emotional well-being.

Providing proper lighting for your reptile requires more than simply hanging a bulb in his tank or terrarium. Most reptiles need full spectrum lights in their habitats to provide them the UVA and UVB rays they need, regular light bulbs don't provide UVA or UVB light. For this reason, you must purchase a reptile light that meets the needs of the pet you have chosen.

All species of reptile (aquatic and terrestrial) have different lighting needs for optimal health. Be sure to research which reptile light is best for your pet, and educate yourself by talking to reptile owners, rescue employees and pet store owners to learn as much as you can about reptile lights before setting up your new pet's habitat at home. There is a great deal of information online about how to properly care for all types of pets, including non-traditional ones like reptiles.