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Reptile Heaters and Accessories

If you have chosen a reptile for a pet, it's very important that you create a habitat in your home that closely mimics his natural habitat. By doing this, your reptile will live comfortably in your home, which will increase his chances of living a long, healthy life. If you don't have a great deal of experience caring for reptiles, Zen Pet Supplies is here to help.

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Reptology Heat Mat Reptology Heat Mat (Discontinued)
Retail Price: $25.24
Sales Price: $21.95
Savings: $3.29
Reptology Wire Clamp Fixture Reptology Wire Clamp Fixture (Discontinued)
Retail Price: $26.39
Sales Price: $22.95
Savings: $3.44
Reptology Clamp Lamp - 10 in. Reptology Clamp Lamp - 10 in.
Retail Price: $37.44
Sales Price: $29.95
Savings: $7.49
Reptology Ceramic Heat Emitter Reptology Ceramic Heat Emitter
Retail Price: $37.44
Sales Price: $29.95
Savings: $7.49

Cold-blooded reptiles require a substantial amount of direct light and heat to keep them active and provide maximum blood circulation. You'll often find reptiles that live in the wild soaking up the sun much like humans enjoy sun bathing. In the wild, sunlight provides all the heat and light reptiles need, but as pets living in a human's home, they need artificial sources of light because they won't get enough direct sunlight. Zen Pet Supplies has the reptile heating solutions, bulbs and accessories you'll need for your family's new reptilian addition.

Heat bulbs are a must-have for your reptile's terrarium as they provide the warmth needed and replicate his natural habitat. Heat lamps give off warming rays, and heat cables and heat controllers make installation of your heating equipment quite easy. Rock heaters add extra heat to the environment without the use of a heat lamp, and they heat evenly (no dangerous hot spots) ensuring your reptile does not get overheated.

Aquatic reptiles and amphibians that prefer warm water, such as frogs, newts and turtles, benefit from aquatic reptile heaters while under tank heaters, ideal for snakes and land-dwelling lizards, provide the warmth these pets need to keep them comfortable and healthy.