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As much as your reptiles love you and you love them, if you have experience with these fascinating creatures, you know that if given the chance, they will make their great escape, and no matter how lovable they are, you don’t want lose reptiles roaming your house. Thankfully, there are a number of screen covers for reptile terrariums available at Zen Pet Supplies. These multi-purpose screen covers not only keep your pet safe and secure inside his terrarium, they keep items from getting into the tank that you don’t want in there, and these covers also keep curious cats and other pets from getting into your reptile’s cage. Screen covers are one of those “must have” accessories that all reptile and amphibian owners need to purchase, and the good news is that these items are fairly inexpensive—you can find several different kinds for under $15 at the Zen online store.
If you’ve owned many reptiles, you know that horrible feeling that comes with realizing your pet has escaped his cage, tank or terrarium. Not only is it scary for the other pets in the home, it is just stressful to hunt for a reptile because they are masters at hiding in the most difficult-to-access places for humans. You can prevent all of this stress by purchasing a sturdy reptile habitat screen cover from our online store. We have a number of different types in our current inventory, and these items will prove to be invaluable throughout the lifespan of your precious pet reptile. Screen covers for reptile habitats offer a number of benefits in addition to keeping your reptile inside his habitat. They provide air flow because air flow is absolutely essential to the health and wellbeing of your pet. Our screen covers are made with a durable, escape-proof design, and they withstand high temperatures from the heating devices you’ll have to add to your terrarium.

Our fresh air terrarium screen covers are specially designed for the unique needs of reptile habitats. Screening promotes the healthy exchange of air necessary to keep cold-blooded reptiles healthy and active, and the tough metal material is tough enough to withstand even the strongest claws and teeth. Many reptile owners weigh down their terrarium screen covers with lights, rocks and other heavyweight items to prevent the reptile from pushing the screen cover off the habitat and escaping. Be sure you don’t cover the screen too much to prevent air from getting in because it’s absolutely essential that plenty of air gets into the terrarium. Please check out the screen covers at Zen Pet Supplies today.