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Reptile Sand

Just like when you add a dog or cat to your family, when you bring home a reptile, you have to be prepared. That preparation includes doing research about the species you’re choosing and how to properly set up and maintain his new habitat in your home. When it comes to having reptiles as pets, it’s extremely important to create a habitat for them that most closely resembles their natural habitat. That’s quite more involved than bringing home a puppy because you did not rescue a puppy from the wild—just from a shelter or some other place that houses dogs, cats and similar popular pets until their forever home is found. Regardless of the type of pet you’re adding to your family, we encourage you to set up its habitat before he arrives because waiting can lead to a lot of stress and running around to find exactly what you need. Zen Pet Supplies has a variety of reptile habitat sand that will make the perfect substrate for your terrarium.
What is substrate? It’s simply the substances and materials that line the bottom of any living space for animals including reptiles and amphibians. Sand is a top choice for substrate, but no single substrate is ideal for all types of species. A certain type that is highly recommended for one type of reptile may be dangerous to another. If you bring home two reptiles that come from different habitats, you cannot put them together in one terrarium in your home to save space and money. If you place them together, one or both of your pets could get seriously ill and even die. The only way to know what reptiles can live together is to do extensive research and speak to experienced reptile owners who can offer guidance.

The right choice of substrate will enhance the appearance of your cage, and it will keep spilled water, food, feces, and urates (from urine) away from your pet. If you choose soil or sand, it must be sterile when you put it in your reptile’s habitat. Non-sterile sand could bring microorganisms into your reptile’s terrarium and cause him to get very sick. Instead of gathering beach sand, you can buy sterile, safe sand for reptiles’ habitat right here on the Zen Pet Supplies website. We carry sand in various colors and in various size bags. If you’re not sure a certain reptile sand will work for you, please start out with a small bag, and when you see your reptile loves it, you can stock up on a larger size bag!