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Reptile Habitat Supplies

If you have chosen a reptile for a pet, it's very important to provide the right type of habitat for your new reptilian friend. Reptiles  require a very specific type of environment in which to thrive. Zen Pet Supplies offers a number of reptile habitat supplies you'll need to ensure your new pet makes a smooth transition from the pet store or rescue facility to your home.
  • Accessories

    Zen Pet Supplies offers natural looking reptile habitat accessories for your little guys and gals with convenience, strength, and wash ability, making for easy cleaning and functional decor.
  • Cleaner

    Terrarium and small animal cage disinfectant, cleaner and deodorizer. It is ideal for cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing terrariums and other animal enclosures.
  • Filters

    For optimal terrarium health and crystal clear water, choose from Zen Pet Supplies' wide variety of reptile habitat filters.
  • Habitat Backgrounds

    Natural cork panels for terrarium/vivarium backgrounds.  Perfect for high-humidity environments.  Highly resistant to mold or mildew.  
  • Heaters

    Zen Pet Supplies has everything you need to make your reptile's new home comfortable and safe.

  • Humidifier / Mist Machine

    Programmable misting unit for terrariums, bird cages, aviaries or indoor gardens. Portable for indoor or outdoor use. Includes AC adaptor, or will run on batteries.
  • Lamps

    Be sure to check out the reptile lights at Zen Pet Supplies today to get make your pet's new digs are comfortable, safe and secure.

  • Screen Covers

    Firmly secure screen covers to prevent escapes. Spring steel snaps free for easy user access. Installs in seconds. Assured security for reptiles.
  • Tank Decorations

    Check out the reptile tank decorations at Zen Pet Supplies today to create a wonderful new home for your family's new addition!

  • Terrarium / Tanks

    Shop now and save on quality reptile habitats. Our tanks are made with only the highest quality materials.

  • Terrarium Hood

    Keep your reptile friend safe and secure in their habitat with a terrarium hood from Zen Pet Supplies. Safe, secure, and durable.
  • Terrarium Liners

    Your Reptile can thrive on an absorbent, non-abrasive terrarium liner from Zen Pet Supplies that won't irritate sensitive feet.  Best of all, liners are treated with a biodegradable enzyme that reduces reptile odors.
  • Terrarium Lock

    Three position tumbler can be set to any desired combination. Designed for use with Zoo Med's Naturalistic Terrariums. Easy to operate!
  • Thermometers

    Keep your reptiles habitats at the perfect temperature by using a reptile thermometer from Zen Pet Supplies.
Before you bring your new reptile home, make sure his habitat is already set up. Allow time for the conditions in your reptile habitat to stabilize.

Choose the right vivarium (or terrarium) and cover for your reptilian pet. Substrate is the material on the bottom of your reptile's home, and you should to find out which substrate is best for your type of reptilian pet. Provide him with proper lighting and heating equipment, and of course, do your research on what to feed your reptile to ensure he gets the nourishment he needs. Be sure to check out Zen Pet Supplies to stock up on everything you need before your reptile arrives at his new home.