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Reptile Habitat / Terrarium Hoods

If you’ve read through some of the other reptile product pages here on the Zen Pet Supplies, you’ve learned that one of our common themes is the importance of creating a safe, comfortable habitat for your pet reptile that closely resembles his environment in the wild. Another theme you’ll find on our site is the importance of keeping your reptiles housed safely in their cage and preventing them from escaping. As much as your pet reptile may love the habitat you have created for him, he is a great escape artist, and when given the chance, he will make a run (or slither) for freedom. A reptile loose in the home is very stressful especially if there are other pets in the house and/or small children who may not know how to safely interact with your reptile. For this reason, it’s important to have some must have accessories like screen covers and reptile habitat hoods, both of which are available now at Zen Pet Supplies’ online store.
Our naturalistic terrarium hoods are built to fit all 18” wide Naturalistic Terrariums, and some of our habitat hoods can hold one ReptiSun Compact Fluorescent UVB lamp and one incandescent heat lamp up to 60 watts. Our hoods feature a built-in reflector that allows for increased heat and UVB penetration in your terrarium. Our hoods also feature two separate on/off switches allowing for independent lamp operation, making it possible to turn the UVB lamp off at night without turning off your nighttime heat source. If you’re not sure which hood to buy for your particular reptile, please ask an experienced reptile owner for some guidance. You can also do a great deal of research online about your particular pet to find out how to create the most ideal living habitat for his species.

Please keep in mind that most reptiles require different types of habitats. Unlike other pets, reptiles need much more than a loving owner, great food and treats, a few toys and lots of physical and mental stimulation. Some reptile habitats even require that one side be a certain temperature and humidity level and the other side be a different level of humidity and temperature. Creating this type of habitat surely takes some skill and knowledge as does choosing the right type of hood for your reptile’s habitat. Be sure to do your homework and then choose the right type of reptile habitat hood at the Zen Pet Supplies’ online store. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, please check back soon because we update our inventory on a regular basis.