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Reptile Habitat Fluorescent Bulbs

It’s so much fun to bring home a new pet, and setting up his habitat is not only enjoyable but it’s rewarding. It’s a great feeling knowing you’re providing a safe, secure, comfortable home for a reptile that’s been taken out of the wild and placed in human hands. As his caretaker, it’s your responsibility to create a habitat in your home that closely resembles his habitat in the wild. Doing so takes time, effort, and research, and if you can learn a great deal about setting up a reptile’s terrarium by reading online and seeking the guidance of an experienced reptile owner. There are a number of terrarium supplies and accessories you’ll need to create that ideal environment, and heating and lighting sources are two of the most important things you’ll need to create a safe, comfortable environment for your new pet. Zen Pet Supplies carries a large selection of reptile heating and lighting supplies including fluorescent bulbs made specifically for reptile terrariums.
Without the proper lighting through UVA and UVB radiation provided by fluorescent bulbs for reptile terrariums, he cannot produce important vitamin D3 for digestion. Lack of or improper use of fluorescent lighting can cause substantial problems for your reptile including indigestion, loss of appetite, stomach and mouth disease, blindness, paralysis, metabolic bone disease, and in some cases, even death. The natural habitat of the animal you’ve chosen as a pet plays an important part of selecting proper lighting for your reptile or amphibian. For instance, nocturnal reptiles are going to have much less demand for lighting than animals active during the day, while animals that live on the rainforest floor will be adapted for dimmer conditions than a lizard that inhabits a desert. Brighter environments generally equate to higher UVA and UVB needs, but there are exceptions. Snakes get Vitamin D from their diet, and most species do not require UVB exposure for a healthy life. It’s important to properly research the individual needs of the species of reptile or amphibian you plan to bring home as a pet before deciding what type and how much light to provide.

We carry a number of different types of fluorescent lighting units in our current inventory. Our linear bulbs come in different sizes to fit reptile hoods for all sizes of animals. Generally speaking, the animal should be able to bask within 12-18” of the bulb, and the bulb should be replaced every six months. Our compact fluorescent bulbs have many of the same features of the linear fluorescent bulbs, but can be utilized in a screw-in incandescent socket, such as that found in most dome clamp lamps. Ambient/visible lighting sources are very popular lately and are available here. Please check out Zen Pet Supplies for all your reptile lighting needs today.