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Reptile Food and Watering Dishes

Reptile owners take on a big commitment when they bring home a new pet because setting up a habitat for pet snakes requires a good deal of research to ensure you get the supplies and products snakes need. Your goal, as a snake owner, is to create a habitat in your home that resembles a snake’s natural habitat as much as possible. The best way to accomplish that goal is read up on how to set up and maintain a reptile habitat or ask an experienced snake owner for guidance. The more closely your home’s habitat resembles their natural habitat in the wild, the more likely your snake is to live a long healthy life. We also encourage you to set up the terrarium for your snake before you bring him home because it can be daunting to have to rush around and buy everything your snake needs after he’s already in your home. After all, you can’t just let him slither around the house while you shop for supplies! Zen Pet Supplies’ online store has snake dishes and other supplies you will need to create a wonderful habitat for your new pet snake.
Water dishes/bowls for snakes sometimes don’t get the attention they need; some people don’t even realize that snakes need dishes to stay hydrated and nourished. It's important to provide clean drinking water for your pet snake at all times, even when you’re away from home. We carry a number of automatic feeders and waterers in case your schedule is so busy that it keeps you out of the home several hours a day. You cannot neglect your pet’s needs just because you’re super busy, so we have you covered with our snake feeding and watering products. Even though you will rarely see your snake eat or drink (due to their secretive nature), you must make sure he has access to water all times. Some people will say you should offer water three days a week, or every other day, but many snake owners insist you should leave a bowl of clean water in the terrarium at all times so he can drink when he wants. Since you cannot predict when your snake needs a drink leaving it out at all times solves that problem.

As you browse our selection of snake dishes, choose one that is appropriately sized for your snake and one with a wider bottom to avoid tipping. Many experts claim that plastic is the best choice for snakes because plastic is easy to clean and will last for years. Our snake dishes/bowls are bacteria resistant, which is a must to prevent your snake from picking up dangerous microorganisms that live and breed in their water. When some species of snake are going into their shed cycle, they may soak in their bowls. If they do this, you must clean the water bowls more frequently and keep the water fresh on a continual basis. The products you choose must be large enough to allow your snake to soak in, and if your snake soaks a lot, clean the bowl often. Another important factor to consider when choosing snake dishes from Zen Pet Supplies is humidity. If your pet snake soaks in the bowl a lot, it may be a sign that the relative humidity is too low inside the terrarium. Measure the humidity inside the cage with a hygrometer and adjust it if it’s too low. Simply Google “snake habitat humanity” or a similar keyword phrase, and you’ll find plenty of information about how to alter the terrarium’s level of humidity. Please check out the large selection of snake dishes and other supplies right here on the Zen Pet Supplies website today.