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While the thought of rats may evoke visions of creepy, dirty critters you never want to come in contact with, domestic rats actually make great pets and are gaining in popularity, especially with young children and teenagers. When properly cared for and provided a good home, rats can be a wonderfully cute and cuddly pet for your children. It's a misconception that rats are dirty animals that carry diseases and bite without provocation. While rats are not for everyone, more and more people are learning that rats make great pets.
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Some of the characteristics that make rats wonderful pets is that they are intelligent, social animals that are easily tamed and are considered low maintenance pets. While they are easy to care for, they do require time out of their cage for exercise and socialization, and it's highly recommended to have more than one rat in his home rather than be alone. Same sex pairs are ideal when it comes to rats, and males usually get along great when put in the same cage.

If you adopt a rat from a shelter, be sure the rat you choose is not skittish as this may cause problems later with socialization. Try to avoid rats that seem panicked when handled. If the rat is overly calm and quiet, that may indicate illness, so be sure to choose a rat that fits in that happy medium between too excitable and too calm. As a general rule, male rates are larger and often less active than females while female rats tend to be more playful and active. A rat's average lifespan is 2-3 years, and all rats are nocturnal so they are more active during nighttime hours than daytime hours.