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Bedding for Pet Rabbits

Who wouldn’t love to have a pet rabbit? These furry little guys are just so adorable, you will fall in love at first sight when you visit your local animal shelter and see them there with eyes begging you to take him home with you. You’ll find more rabbits than you’d expect at your local shelters because many people get pet rabbits thinking they require very little care, time and maintenance and that’s just not how it is. Rabbits, just like dogs and other pets, need your daily attention, and they are not as independent as cats, so if you are not able to make the commitment to spend time with a pet rabbit, maybe another animal would be a better choice. If you are thinking about getting a rabbit for your child, please do your homework first and learn as much as you can about rabbits as pets. This will help you decide if a rabbit should be your child’s first pet (or second or third…). If you end up choosing a pet rabbit, please be sure to stock up on rabbit bedding and other supplies you’ll need for your new furry buddy at Zen Pet Supplies today.
Like we mentioned above, rabbits often tend to be brought home on impulse due to their availability and fairly low cost, but rabbits need a lot care, much like dogs and other furry friends. Our products for rabbits are quite affordable, but you will need to spend some time and money setting up a safe, secure and comfortable habitat for your new furry buddy, so be sure to do your research ahead of time so you will have everything you need. You don’t want the little guy jumping around all over the house while you try to set up his habitat, and you definitely don’t want him to get loose on his first day home! Look at having a pet rabbit just as you would a pet dog because of the amount of tender loving care he will need.

Not all bedding for small pets works for all types of animals. If you see rodent bedding, you can’t just choose it because you think it will work with another type of pet, like a rabbit. Some types of bedding that are completely safe for some small pets can be extremely dangerous to other small pets, so please ask an experienced rabbit owner for some advice on how to choose rabbit bedding. You can also do research online and see what the experts have to say. In our current inventory of rabbit bedding, we carry woven grass mat bedding, woven mat bedding, woven corn fiber mat bedding, corn cob bedding, pressed pine bedding, pressed cedar bedding, and pressed aspen bedding. We also carry the brand names people trust most when it comes to supplies for small animals like rabbits. Some familiar names you’ll see in our inventory are Kaytee Clean and Cozy and CareFresh. Please check out the pet rabbit bedding available right now at Zen Pet Supplies.