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Shop and Save on Quality Puppy Supplies

There is just nothing more exciting than bringing home a new addition to the family. When that new addition is of the canine variety, the stress may be a bit lower than bringing home a human baby, but the excitement is still through the roof! Your head may be spinning if you're a first-time dog owner and just brought home your first canine companion. One of the most important aspects of bringing home, raising and training a puppy is being prepared by having all of the necessary puppy supplies ahead of time. While it may be impossible to know every single puppy supply you’ll need for your new pooch, you can get a jump start on preparation by shopping right here on the Zen Pet Supplies website. We have many of the puppy supplies you’ll need to make your furry buddy’s transition into your home as smooth and joyful as possible.
  • Collars and Leashes

    Shop and save on a wide variety of puppy collars and leashes.  Browse a large assortment of colors and sizes.
  • Grooming

    Shop brushes, combs, nail trimmers, shampoos and more.  Zen is your one stop shop for all your puppy products.
  • Housebreaking

    Housebreaking your pup doesn't have to be a messy business. Shop pee pads, repellents, attractants and more!
  • Play Pens

    Keep your pup out of harms way while allowing them the freedom to be outside.  Or, feel safe knowing they won't destroy your home while you are gone.  
  • Puppy Food

    Browse puppy kibble and nursing aids.   No matter the age of your newest arrival, we got the puppy supplies to help them grow.
  • Puppy Starter Kits

    Why buy one item at a time when you can save buy purchasing a puppy kit from Zen Pet Supplies? Shop now and save.
  • Puppy Toys

    Your new pup needs toys to chew on while they are teething.  Shop durable puppy toys and save your home from being chewed up.
  • Training Crates

    Training crates can make housebreaking easy.  Shop and save on puppy training crates from Zen Pet Supplies.  
  • Training Treats

    Award your pup for a job well done.  Try our training treats and demand their attention when teaching them new tricks and desired behaviors.
If you’re a first-time dog owner, don’t be shy about asking family, friends and your vet for advice on what supplies you’ll need in the first few days of your pooch’s arrival. You can then stock up as time passes by and you learn more about what your furry friend needs. Some of the very first supplies you’ll need include a dog collar and leash; dog food; treats; housebreaking supplies; puppy-safe toys; and some type of crate or kennel if that’s where your new pooch will be sleeping or staying while you’re at work for the day. If you work from home or know your dog will be sleeping in bed with you, then you can hold off on a crate for a bit, but this is a must-have by the time your dog is ready for trips in the car and to be left alone for long periods of time (if he can’t roam loose in the home).

Some other supplies you’ll need eventually include a grooming kit, travel crate, play pen, health and wellness items (vitamins, supplements and flea & tick prevention); and behavior/bark training aids. We even have a puppy starter kit that comes with a comfortable blanket and heat pads to soothe your puppy as he adjusts to his new surroundings. Zen Pet Supplies carries a number of wet and dry dog food options for puppies, and we even have puppy milk supplements to help ensure your little guy gets all the vitamins and minerals he needs at his young age. Be sure to check out Zen Pet Supplies for your puppy supplies when you add a canine companion to your happy household.