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Bedding for Frogs

No matter what type of pet you have chosen to love, it’s your job as his caretaker to provide the most amazing habitat possible, and that takes some time and energy. We encourage all pet owners to do research before bringing home any addition to your family because different types of pets require different types of living environments. Reptiles have become popular pets in recent years because people have come to realize that they are actually quite lovable animals (yes, even snakes!), and they provide many years of enjoyment to their caretakers. If you have become a big fan of reptiles and have brought some of these amazing creatures home as pets, then you know how interesting and adorable they are. Even frogs make great pets, and they have certain needs just as all other animals do. To set up a proper habitat for your pet frog, you will want to check out the pet frog bedding available right here at Zen Pet Supplies.
Even frogs need a cozy safe place to rest their weary heads. You can find a variety of frog bedding supplies right here in our online store. A green tree frog is one of the most common types of pet frogs, and you can research their ideal habitat online, but let’s provide you some information right here to help out. Pet frogs require a warm, humid environment, so if you have one, two or three frogs, a 20-gallon tank (or so) with a metal mesh cover will be perfect. Be sure that your frog’s habitat does not have any lights coming into contact with plastic and other materials that could burn. The next thing to consider is your frog’s bedding.

The green terrarium moss we have in our current inventory makes a great substrate for pet frogs. You will see the word “substrate” on many of our pet reptile product pages; substrate simply refers to whatever materials and substances line the bottom of your reptile’s habitat. Different types of reptiles need different types of substrate, and that’s why it’s important to research your particular pet’s needs online before setting up his new home. When it comes to frog bedding, you’ll find all sorts of different ones right here. Moss is one very common type of bedding for reptiles; for frogs, you’ll also find that various wood chips make a cozy place to sleep. You can choose a mix of different types of chips, or you may choose a bag that has only one kind of wood chip in it like Douglas Fir or Red Cypress. We even carry bedding that is made mostly of walnut shells. While sleeping on shells may not sound very comfortable, keep in mind that the shells are ground up making for a soft landing for your beloved pets. Please check out these and other types of frog bedding at Zen Pet Supplies today.