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Treats for Pet Birds

All pets, whether they have legs or wings, need some type of reward for good behavior (and for a tasty snack!), and even birds look forward to treats, just like their canine and feline counterparts do. If you have a pet bird, you want to keep treats on hand so you can offer your feathered friend a great-tasting, nutritious prize when he does something he’s supposed to do. You’ll find a number of different pet bird treats in the Zen Pet Supplies inventory; our treats are healthy and according to the birds we know, they taste delicious! Bird treats do a lot more than offer a reward and provide a tasty treat; they also serve as a comfort for your pet. As with dogs and cats, be sure to not give your bird too many treats as this will surely lead to obesity. A nice balance of bird food and treats will provide your bird the reward and nutrients he needs to live a long healthy life.
  • Biscuits

    Our bird biscuits are a great source of fiber and protein with extra vitamin C, biotin, and zinc. Shop now and save.
  • Honey Sticks and Fruit Bites

    Contains only top quality ingredients such as specially selected seeds plus vitamins, minerals and honey, all baked three times on an all natural wooden stick.
  • Large Hookbill

    Save on quality large bird, hookbill treats from Zen Pet Supplies.  We provide the highest quality supplies, at a price you can afford.
  • Mineral Treats

    Mineral supplement and beak conditioner. Great source of calcium for optimum health, contains mango, banana, papaya & pineapple.
  • Small Hookbill

    Our small hookbill bird treats are easy to hand feed, as a snack or reward treat that your pet will find irresistible.
When used in moderation, treats are a wonderful addition to your bird’s diet. Treats that are a mix of fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds offer a healthy solution for training, help keep your bird entertained, and strengthen the bond between you and your pet. When birds are not provided opportunities for regular activity (like through teaching him tricks and offering exercise), they get bored, which can lead to a number of behavioral problems. The great thing about pet bird treats is that in addition to providing the reward and nutrition, some types of treats also offer your bird a challenge. For instance, nuts that need to broken open to get to the meat make your bird use their brain and their creativity to get to that delicious nut in the middle of that hard outer shell.

You can also hide treats in toys and locations around the cage, giving your bird great opportunities to forage. Foraging treats (as they’re called) provide a stimulating experience that satisfys your bird's natural desire to forage. We carry a number of bird treats including biscuits, honey sticks, fruit bites, mineral treats, and both large & small hookbill treats. Birds really love the variety of textures and colors that our bird treats come in, and there are so many benefits to providing these tasty snacks to your feathered pet. You will not only provide your bird the nutrients he needs for a balanced diet, but you will also be providing him some much-needed exercise and mental stimulation. Please remember that birds are highly intelligent and energetic. When not stimulated both physically and mentally, birds may get bored and destructive. Please check out the bird treats available now right here at Zen Pet Supplies.