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Pet Bird Seed

One of the most exciting aspects of bird caretaking is watching your bird(s) thrive due to the excellent care you provide, and there’s no better way to help your pet live a long, healthy life than offering him tasty, healthy and nourishing food he’ll really enjoy. There are numerous types of food available for domesticated pet birds, and bird seed is just one of those types. You can also choose millet, pellets and a mix of vegetables and fruits. If you have done your research and have learned that bird seed is recommended for your particular species of bird, you have come to the right place. Zen Pet Supplies is your one-stop online store for everything you’ll need for your pet bird, and our bird seed selection is varied, affordable, nutritious and tasty (that’s what our birds tell us!). Please check out the bird seed currently available at Zen, and please let us know if you cannot find what you’re looking for—we update our inventory regularly, so the type you want may arrive any time now if it’s not here now.
The seed that is most appealing to a wide variety of birds is sunflower seed, and for this reason, sunflower seeds have become the go-to variety for most backyard feeders, but it’s also a top choice for inside cage feeders. Generally speaking, bird seed mixes that contain red millet, oats, and other fillers are not as appealing to most bird species and, therefore, can lead to a lot of waste as pet birds sort through the seed mixture. We carry a number of species-specific bird seeds, which make it super easy to find what your particular pet needs. For instance, we carry bird seed for macaws, parrots, cockatiels, hookbills, parakeets, conures, finches, canaries, doves, and even pigeons (yes! pigeon!). With such a huge selection, we’re hoping you find exactly what you need right here in one place.

We carry both large and small bags of bird seed, and the great thing about that is that is if you’re not sure if your bird will like a certain type of seed, you can start with a small bag and see how it goes. When you discover your bird is happy with his new food, you can buy larger bags that will last for months. The bird seed mixes we carry have all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids your pet bird needs to enrich his diet and provide him the nutrients he needs to thrive. Not having to supplement your bird’s diet with, well… supplements… allows you to save money and minimize the number of products you have to keep on hand. Please check out the large selection of pet bird seed available now at Zen Pet Supplies.