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Bird Honey Sticks and Fruit Bites

If you browsed our main bird treat page, you learned that bird treats are not only used as a reward for good behavior, they are also used as a nutritious addition to your pet’s diet and to help fight boredom. How do treats fight boredom in birds? Many of the treats we carry in our inventory are considered foraging treats, and foraging (searching for food) is something that birds have a natural instinct to do. By placing treats in various locations in the cage, you will provide your feathered pet the opportunity to forage or hunt for his reward—a tasty treat from Zen Pet Supplies. Honey sticks and fruit bites are just one type of treat for pet birds in our current inventory, and yes, these treats taste as good as their name indicates. How do we know they taste great? Birds will do everything they can to get their beaks and claws on these little gems!
We carry honey sticks and fruit bites for all types of birds. Before feeding your pet bird any treat, be sure to do a bit of research online. You want to learn which treats are best for you particular species of birds. Some birds prefer foraging snacks, while other species need not forage for their treats. Our honey and fruit bird snacks contain only natural ingredients shaped into stick or bite form; these treats will also provide your birds the nutrients they need for a well balanced diet. You simply place the stick in your bird’s cage and he will have a go at it immediately. He will be thrilled when this delicious treat is added to his cage, and you will know that you’re offering your beloved pet a delicious, nutritious treat that will improve the number of nutrients in his system in no time at all.

One of the many great aspects of bird treats in our inventory is that they are extremely inexpensive. All of our honey sticks and fruit bites are under $10 and many are under $5. You need not spend a lot of money to keep a number of different healthy delicious bird treats in your stockpile. If you’ve read some of our other bird product pages, you know that birds get bored quickly and easily; bird treats are just one way to keep your bird entertained and interested. A bored bird is a destructive bird, and they are prone to destroy their surroundings when not provided enough physical and mental stimulation. Offering your birds treats engages them physically and mentally, which helps minimize their chances of becoming bored. Please browse the large selection of pet bird treats at Zen Pet Supplies and stock up on these tasty snacks today!