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Pet Bird Food

Have you decided to add a winged pet to your family? If so, congratulations and welcome to the wild, wonderful world of bird ownership! You and your new pet will spend the next several decades together because birds have very long lifespans, with some species living over 80 years! How amazing is that? Caring for birds is something the whole family can enjoy, and setting up your bird’s habitat is tons of fun. There are endless options for decorating your bird’s cage, and the number of toys and perches for birds on the market today is mind-boggling. But don’t get overwhelmed because the only daunting aspect of adding winged creatures to your family is choosing from a large selection of bird supplies, equipment and other items like food. Zen Pet Supplies has a varied selection of pet bird food in our current inventory, and we add to it on a regular basis. Let’s take a look at just some of the options you have when it comes to feeding your exotic feathered friends.
  • Millet

    These tiny seeds of white proso millet are desirable to many species of birds but it is a hands-down favorite of some species.
  • Pellets - Bagged

    At Zen, our bird pellets contain all the necessary vitamins, minerals and amino acids needed for good health and nutrition.
  • Pellets - Bulk

    This complete diet provides premium daily nutrition for all Large Parrots, Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazons, African Greys and Eclectus.
  • Seed - Bagged

    Our bird foods are vitamin-fortified, nutritionally enhanced daily diets with each companion pets' favorite ingredients.
  • Seed - Bulk

    The clean wholesome ingredients and specially designed supplements provide the proteins and other nutrients your pet needs to grow strong and healthy.
  • Veggies and Fruit

    Give your birds and reptiles all the nutrients they need to ensure a long and healthy life.  Buy our bird fruit and veggie mix.
Just as with any pet, different types of food are recommended for different types of bird. We have you covered because we offer a large selection of pet bird food including pellets, seeds, millet, vegetables and fruit. Be sure to do some research on the type of bird(s) you have, so you get the recommended food for that species. We carry a 50-pound bag of millet; white proso millet is an ingredient in many wild bird seed mixes, but it is also a great food to offer to birds by itself—without other types of seed. The very small seeds of white proso millet are recommended for many species of birds and a favorite for some species, including ground-feeding birds like quail, native American sparrows, doves, juncos, cardinals and towhees just to name a few. Because white millet is the top choice amongst ground-feeding birds, it’s usually scattered on the bottom of their bird cage, but be sure to set out no more than what the birds can consume in a day’s time.

Pellets, another option available today, contain all the necessary vitamins, minerals and amino acids necessary for your bird’s optimal health and nutrition. The pellets you’ll find here are made with high-quality ingredients, locally grown non-GMO corn and human grade whole eggs, which are the most digestible source of protein available today. Birds love the great taste provided by a touch of molasses (yes, they told us so!), and no vitamins or mineral supplements are needed with pellets. You’ll find large bags of birdseed that contain sunflowers, corn, peanuts, wheat, oats and chili peppers delivering approximately 12% of protein, 16% of fat, and 20% of fiber (at the very least). Our species-specific bags of birdseed allow you to choose the seed that’s recommended for your particular pet. If you’re looking for a mix of fruits and vegetables in one bag, we have that, too, but, again, be sure to do your homework and make sure this type of food is safe for your specific type of bird. Zen Pet Supplies is your one-stop shop for everything your bird needs including a variety of bird food to keep your beloved feathered pets healthy and nourished so they can live the long life nature intended for them.