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Aquatic Marine Salt

If you’re a novice fish owner, you may want to start with freshwater fish, as they’re a bit easier to care for than saltwater fish. If you’ve had years of experience caring for fish and think you’re ready to take on the challenge of saltwater fish then congratulations! You’re really going to enjoy the challenge and excitement involved with caring for these gorgeous creatures. Saltwater fish need a very different habitat than freshwater fish, and the key ingredient that they need is—you guessed it! Salt! Zen Pet Supplies has a large selection of different types of marine salt that will turn your freshwater tank into a saltwater tank in no time at all. Your stunningly beautiful saltwater fish will absolutely love the environment you’ve created for them, and as long as the salinity level is properly maintained, the tank is cleaned on a regular basis, and your fish are fed food that’s rich in the nutrients they need, you should enjoy your saltwater fish for a very long time.

Marine salt mixtures are vital for the success of saltwater aquariums. Choose from our selection of quality salt mixes to prepare saltwater necessary for thriving marine fish-only, fish-only-with-live-rock (FOWLR) or coral reef aquariums. Marine salt also carries a number of benefits in addition to providing the right salinity level for your saltwater fish aquarium. During times of stress or when fish are diseased, their gills may not function properly. As a result, fish can experience osmotic shock, where electrolytes are lost through the gills, impeding the fish's ability to take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Marine salt for fish contains beneficial electrolytes that replenish the electrolytes lost during these times of stress or disease, resulting in improved gill functioning.

The marine salt available now at Zen Pet Supplies comes in a variety of sizes. We carry 10-gallon containers of reef crystals sea salt; 25-gallon containers of sea salt; 25-gallon containers of reef crystals sea salt; 55-gallon containers of Red Sea salt; 200-gallon containers of sea salt; and even a 300-gallon container of a marine salt blend. The choices are vast when you shop here on our online store. If you’re looking for a particular type of marine salt for your fish aquarium and don’t see it here, please check back soon because we add to our inventory on a regular basis, or you can contact us to inquire about a certain brand or type of marine salt. If you have any questions about how to use marine salt in your fish’s habitat, please ask an experienced fish owner or do research online. Improper use of marine salt can damage and even kill some species of fish.