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Lizard and Bearded Dragon Products

Bearded dragons are lizards that are native to Australia but were introduced to the United States in the 1990s and immediately became popular pets. The name “bearded dragon” refers to the underside of the lizard’s chin. If a bearded dragon perceives a threat, its beard will turn a dark color and become puffed out like a balloon. While this may sound predatory, the bearded dragon is actually a very gentle lizard and has never been known to be aggressive towards humans. Bearded dragons come in a wide variety of colors – and certain colored bearded dragons are so rare that they are coveted amongst collectors. The most common bearded dragon has a very earthy skin tone made up of mostly brown and white. The bearded dragon is one of the best types of lizards to have as a pet. They are one of few lizards that actually enjoy being handled by humans. If you decide to add a bearded dragon to your family, Zen Pet Supplies is your one-stop shop for all the necessary supplies to keep him safe and happy.
  • Bedding / Substrate

    Eco friendly products made from the highest quality materials. Ideal for naturalistic terrarium type set ups incorporation reptiles, amphibians or invertebrates.
  • Books

    Proper care and Maintenance of Bearded Dragons discusses everything from proper diet to breeding.

  • Feeding and Watering

    Provide constant fresh water, while the small basin discourages reptiles from fouling their water.
  • Food

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The terrarium is your bearded dragon’s home, and you want to make sure it has everything he’ll need to thrive in his new environment. The basking platforms available at Zen Pet Supplies are definitely worth a look. These platforms enable your bearded dragon to climb on top and bask under the warm UV lights. They also provide something fun for your reptile to climb over or under. Zen Pet Supplies has a number of different platforms and ramps available, and we even have one that looks like a real tree stump. The Zil Basking Stump Den is made of a non-porous material. Water leads to the growth of bacteria, so buying something that’s made of a non-porous material is safer for your reptile. Your bearded dragon will love climbing on or burrowing in this basking stump.

A very, very important part of a bearded dragon’s environment is the temperature of his terrarium. When discussing a terrarium’s temperature, you should know there are two different areas that need to be kept at two different temperatures. The first is the “basking” area. That is the area of the terrarium towards the top that is exposed to the most light and heat. The other is the “cooler region” which is the bottom of the terrarium where there is shade that provides a cooler environment. If your bearded dragon is a baby, you want the basking area of his terrarium to be around 113° F, with the cooler area being around 86° F. An adult bearded dragon only requires a basking temperature of around 90° F with the cooler area of the tank being kept around 80° F. This is a very big responsibility for a reptile owner, but Zen Pet Supplies has the thermometers you’ll need to ensure your bearded dragon is comfortable inside his home. Our thermometers are not only affordable, but they’re easy to read, and easy to remove for cleaning and maintenance. If you’re a reptile lover, be sure to check out the numerous products available at Zen Pet Supplies today.